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Mulbah Morlu Reclaims Chairmanship, as Koijee Becomes SG for CDC

The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), has held its 7th national Convention that allows its Chairman Mulbah Morlu to win on white ballots.

370 delegates from across the 15 countries also unanimously voted for former Youth League Chair Jefferson Koijee as the party’s new Secretary General.

CDC 7th National Convention opened corridors for about 20 positions of which almost all had one candidate winning on the white ballot except for the Secretary-General and Vice Chair for Finance and Investment Positions.

Former CDC Youth League Chair Jefferson Koijee emerged as Secretary General obtaining 276 votes while his rival Prince Kreplah accrued 91 votes out of 370 votes cast.

On the other hand, Samora P. Z. Wolokollie won the Vice Chair for Finance and Investment position with 221 votes out of 368 votes cast.

Besides the two positions, each of which was contested by two candidates, all other positions were won by individuals on the White ballot.

Other party Stewarts who won on the white ballot include President George Weah (Standard Bearer), Mulbah Molu as Chairman, Thomas Fallah as Vice Chair for Operation, Mamasee Karbah as Vice Chair for Press and Propaganda, Willimina Piso Saydee Tarr ( Vice Chair for Political Affairs) among others.

Others are; JANGA Augustus Kowo, Vice chairman for Legal and governmental affairs, Lewis A. Wright, Vice Chairman for Planning and Program, Nimba County Representative Johnson Gwaikolo, Sediki Fofana, Vice Chairman for Gender Affairs, Musa Konneh, Chairman for membership, mobilization and Recruitment, Montserrado County Representative Abu Kamara, Vice Chairman for Inter-Party Affairs and Ms. Horatias A. Richards, chairperson for Human Resource Development.

The rest of the elected officials are; Mr. Garblah Vincent Williams retains his post as Vice Chairman for Administration, Mr. Roland Keculah Mendscore moves up to Deputy Secretary General for Administration, Mr. Anderson S. Chea, Deputy Secretary General for Press and Public Relations, Randall Dobayou, Deputy Secretary general for Research and Records, Mr. John Yobouty, collected the Treasurer position, Rev. Fester Logan, kept on as national Champlain, and C. Mike Doryen, chairman Elder Council

As part of its 7th National Convention, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) also took into consideration amendments to its Constitution.

The Congress agreed that the Executive Committee be allowed to set new due payments by present-day economic reality.

In addition, Congress also amended that any individual wanting to be the Standard bearer must spend two or more years with the party and must have good moral standing for eligibility purposes.

In its 7th National Convention, the Party added into its Constitution that the Executive Committee be given seven years term in office.

The convention also brought the establishment of new positions including, Vice Chair of Inter-party Affairs, Vice Chair of Recrement and mobilization, as well as Assistant Secretary-General for Press and Public Affairs

According to the Party, by Constitution, 370 delegates attend each of its National Conventions consisting of delegates from the
National Executive Committee, Youth and Women leagues, and delegates from the fifteen counties.

The CDC night-long 7th National Convention was held at its Party headquarters in Monrovia from 10 PM to 4 AM on November 21 -22, 2022 respectively.

Zac Tortiamah Sherman
Zac Tortiamah Shermanhttps://www.facebook.com/Kmtvlib/videos/376291192965854/?t=0
Born April 13, 1994 under the union of Annie and Abraham Mulbah in Don-non-Mah, Electoral District 4, Grand Bassa County. Earned High School Diploma at St. Joseph School, LAC, Grand Bassa County. Earned numerous certificates in Journalism. Served as Reporter/Presenter/Announcer at LACSA Radio, LAC, Grand Bassa Co. for four consecutive years. one-year voluntary service as a Reporter/Presenter at Sky Telecommunications Incorporated, Broad Street Monrovia, Liberia. Currently working as, a Reporter/ Presenter at Kreative Mindz Studio (KMTV) assign at the Liberian Senate. studying Financial Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Liberia (UL).

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