Mulbah Morlu takes CDC’S chairmanship,assures partisans that he will protect their interests.


The new Chairman of the ruling Party Mulbah Morlu has promised to work in the Supreme interest of partisans of the CDC.

In that light Mr.Morlu assures them that issues surrounding their welfare under his watch as Chairman will be taken seriously.

However the new CDC Chair challenged all Cdicians to leave the telephone calls on local radio stations and focus on working in their various communities to ensure the dreams and aspirants of the Party are realized.

He named self help voluntary initiatives as well as cleaning up exercises in their respective communities, holding town hall meetings to discuss issues of peace and Reconciliation and many others as activities he urged his people to engage into for the upliftment of the political institution.

According to him such activities can help change the mindset of the opposition about the party as well as erasing the negative beliefs that they have about the CDC.

Morlu at his official taking over ceremony used the occasion to dispel rumor that the party is not for sale, promising to at all times protect and defend the image of the CDC.

His clarification came following unconfirmed information that the former Finance Minister Amara Konneh will allegelly use cash influence to run on the party’s ticket in the forth coming Senatorial bi- election later this year.

In a stronger tune he added that no amount of money can be use to sell or buy Liberia’s Biggest ruling Party, the CDC, he uttered.

The usual jammed parked ceremony saw out going Chairman now acting President of Liberia Nathaniel Mcgill turning over the mantle of authority to Mulbah Morlu in a jubilant mood.

He thanked President Weah for always reposing confidence in him to serve his people.

Mcgill appeal to partisans who are seeking jobs to exercise patience noting that forming a government is not an easy task.

He assured them that more jobs will be provided to them including other Liberians because their government is a government of inclusion.

The program ended with celebrations from partisans who are now hopeful that the entry of Morlu who they considered their political teacher and savior to such key position in the party will bring great relief for them.