Munah Pelham Youngblood Returns Home After Long Period Of Sickness, Praises God For Healing


After long period of sickness,the chair on executive at the house of representatives and Montserrado County district nine representative Munah Pelham Youngblood returns home,praises God for healing.
“Unlike others who came as a cargo,l appreciate God that I return as a passenger,Let God alone be praised” she said.
The Montserrado County District number nine Lawmaker touched down the Robert International Airport Wednesday afternoon in white dress and burse in tears with disbelieve due to previous rumor of her death news.
She told reporters that her arrival into her Country Liberia is only by the mercy and grace of God adding”Let God be praise because it is because of him she is alive and to see today,she noted.
Sounding more than a clergy,madam Youngblood gloried and worshiped God for saving her life, indicating further that God is her protector, creator, savior and her leader.
She reflected on some of her colleagues including other officials of government who went to seek advance medical treatment in India to include Eugene Fallah Kparkai of Lofa County amongst others but for her she came back as passenger not as a cargo, God has given me a second chance,glory be to his name,she intoned.
She praised the women of her district and others who fasted and prayed to ensure she is alive, adding that she is grateful to them.
According to her she had multiple undisclosed and confirmed health problems but it was God first who made it possible for her to be alive and return home.
She told her supporters that her enemies plan and wanted her dead but God Almighty meant it for the good for her.
Hon.Pelham months ago left Liberia first to Ghana to seek advance medical treatment but due to the intensity of the unconfirmed health problems she later traveled to India to seek further treatment all in a move of finding perfect cure to her sickness.
Rumor later had it on social and local media including street corners of her death new as a result of poison.
The rumor shocked many with mixed views been the order of the day.
Her arrival now laid to rest the rumor as she is back and in her words heal by the mercy and grace of God.
Meanwhile a special Thanksgiving service to recognized and acknowledged the mericulous work of God on her life is expected to take place on Thursday.
Hon.Pelham before leaving Liberia for sick leave was heavily criticized after assuming the position of chair on executive at the house of representatives for appearing practically like bag lady to the President.
Critics later warned her to focus more on her lawmaker’s work because she was elected by the people of district nine montserrado County than to be seen like worshipping the Liberian leader.
Such debate was later drooped due to her departure from the Country but with her arrival critics will be keen at observing her new position and or posture on national and international functions with the President especially during the current heated political and economic challenging times.
Photo Credit and Interview by:Augustus Saywah Walker &Moses Kollie Garzeawu.