MYS launches National Youth Action Against COVID -19 (NYAA)


Young people in the country have been seen as the arm for accomplishments in nation-building and making society better.

With this actuality in Liberia, a convergence of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) , Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), Minor River Union Youth Parliament (MRUYP) and Messenger of Peace( MOP) was seen today at the ministry in a move to fight novel coronavirus in Liberia.

The National Youth Action Against COVID-19 launched today , March 26, 2020 at the MYS is intended to allow the selected youth groups named above by the Ministry to Carry on awareness on the COVID-19 which Liberia has so far recorded three confirmed cases.

As compare to other nations, Liberia is unlikely of high risk of the deadly virus but has taken serious stands especially with the involvement of young people as part of bing proactive and active.

The emergence of national youth groups among others for the launch of the NationalYouth Action Against COVID-19 shows Liberia’s young people tireless Support and effort in combatting what has now become a global threats.

FLY, LINSU, MOP and MRUYP are expected to lead young people across the country in fighting the disease.

With this, counties (Montserrado and Margibi) affected by government’s recent preventive measures order will see some of their young people preaching awareness messages to battle the COVID-19.

It will also involve the distribution of sanitary materials in each of the selected counties through young people.

With the commitments of the named national and international youth organizations it is expected that the battle against the novel coronavirus will take a different dimension that will bring relief to the country thus bringing Liberia back to its status code socially and economically.

Meanwhile, making the launching statement Minister of Youth and Sports D. Zeogar Wilson expressed Government and the Ministry commitment in making the youth inclusive of decision making that will affect the young populace.

According to him, with young people taking the lead in such crises, it speaks volume of a new Liberia that considers young people as the path of accomplishments at all levels.


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