NaFAA Warned Against Destructive Fishing Method,Ends Two Days Community-based Outreach

Liberia’s Fishing House,The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has again warned strongly against destructive fishing methods which is said to be alarming across the coastal lines of the Country.

According to the Director General of NaFAA Emma Metieh Glassco the practice which is common amongst fisherman in Liberia is not only worrisome but also primitive and impedes the growth process of the sector.
She named some of the destructive fishing methods as the poising of the water,the usage of formaldehyde, the blasting of dynamite all in a move to catch more fish in the minds of the fisherman as bad fishing methods which should be aborted now.

She said the 2010 fishing regulations forbids the use of explosive in the water in a bid to catch more fish.

“It is unlawful,destructive and should be discouraged to the core”, she added.

Madam Glassco pointed out that such practice further destroyed the fish and greatly affect the environment.
She indicated that when the dynamite is shot in the water by fishermen it kills all fish in the terrain of five meters despite its size noting that such fishing method is not sustainable.

She worries that if said practice continues it has the propensity to deplete the fish from the water and a move to recover it can be very very difficult.
However in a move to address the situation several regulatory measures by NaFAA have been put in place as well as plans to improve and modernized the sector.

Currently NaFAA is working with local fisherman in Montserrado County to help them form a recognized body that will run the activities of fisherman.

The purpose amongst other things is to ensure that they are well structured,monitored and regulated to the letter.

The fishing house also encouraged all fisherman to register to them so that they can be legally recognized as more benefits await them in the coming months and years.

The registration which is base on the size of a canoe will also see 30% of any registered amount going back to the soon to be CMA ‘s leadership in a move to run the association noting that said initiative is a win,win both for the people and NaFAA.

For example the least registered canoe is $ 3,000 Liberian dollars while a Fante Canoe due to its size is about $ 10,000Ld more or less and said fee is paid annually.
NaFAA boss added that free identification cards will be given to all registered fisherman as well as the coding system of their canoes all in a bid to help improve the sector.
Additionally a local umbrella body code name: The “CMA” will be set up and it will be the mouth piece of fisherman in the Country as election for new core of officials is expected to take place on Friday November 9,2018 at the Monrovia City Hall.
Elected and inducted officials will now help NaFAA to create a data base of all fisherman and Fish mongers across the Country as well as supervising their operations and advocating for them for the betterment of the sector.
Currently plans are said to be in the making for the construction of a semi port on popo beach on the bushrod island where all fisherman in Montserrado County will dock.
The new initiative when completed will see Liberian fisherman leaving from the primitive fishing method to a modern and sustainable fishing method which is currently practiced across the globe.

The distribution of standardized fishing nets there-by avoiding the rubber nets and motorised canoes and boats with GPS including its coding for proper identification are all transformative plans for the sector and people,Mrs.Glassco added.

Speaking during the climax of a two day people to people campaign madam Emma and her team added that Liberia is blessed with rich water and healthy as well as unique fishes but the proper management over the period has been lacking something she noted needs to be changed now.
She calls on the people in the sector to collaborate with the fishing house to ensure that the Country and they in particular will benefit hugely from the sector.
She said the sector has the ability to create more jobs for Liberians and also contribute more revenue to national Government once the collaboration and monitoring machanism are well in place and implemented, this she added her team is committed to doing.
Fish Mongers she said will also benefit from the new reform process to include training and traveling opportunities to further improve their skills.
The training when fully completed will give Fish mongers the expertise on how to processed, packaged and soak fish all in a move for export and local distribution to supermarkets and many more.
“The pro poor government is a government of change and through the sector your livelihood will be improved”,NaFAA boss assured her people.
Fish contributes about 65% protein and it is part of the United Nations Food Security and sustainability packaged as proper management and regulation of the sector both by the NaFAA and the players,fisherman and Fisher mongers across the Country will help promote economic growth as well as transforming the lives of traditional fisherman and Fisher mongers across Liberia.
It can be recalled that the fishing house on November 2nd,and 3rd of 2018 respectively led by Director General Emma Metieh Glassco took the fisheries house to the people mainly to West Point Beach, Bernard Beach, King Gray Beach,Popo Beach and Banjor and surrounding beaches respectively to educate as well as create awareness to the people on the importance of good fishing practice as well as the proper regulation of the sector by a legal registration process and more.
Meanwhile beneficiaries of the visited beaches welcomed the new initiative by NaFAA and promised to cooperate in a move to help transform the sector as well as improve their livelihood.