Nation-One Academy Supports Grassroots Football, Calls For More Youth Empowerment Through Education/Sports


The promotion of Liberia’s traditional Sport-Football is gradually taking a positive direction especially with the ongoing programs being initiated by Liberians in and out Country of the Nation.

Well one of such groups that is keen on promoting as well as empowering young people is a non for profit organization, Nation-One Academy.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the group, Octawie Tah, promoting the game through grassroots development is key to the sector.

He said the best thing to do now as a nation and  people is to create the necessary avenue to ensure the full empowerment of raw talents of Liberia (The –Young-People)

Octawie pointed out that one of the focuses of his academy is to prepare young people for future challenges through Education, Sports and character development including mentor-ship.

As a testimony of improving and making impact on the lives of young people in Liberia about seven Liberian bright kids are currently in the United States of America under the auspices of the group and are now pursuing their dreams through sports and education development respectively.

He named Milton Jones, age fifteen who is currently in Boston as being outstanding in his educational and sporting endeavor.

Additionally, he added that Amos Debbah is in New Jersey while Lawrence Taylor is in Connecticut and both Cyrus and Julius are in Kentucky and Taxes respectively and are currently in School doing extremely well.

Mr. Tah said it is now time to have a holistic approach in order to promote the development of Liberian kids nationally.

“We have talents who are willing and prepare to show-case it, as such we need to give them the needed opportunity for them to explore”, Tah intoned.

The group with about three years of existence is focusing on making a great impact on the lives of young people, “We are making impact and is as well changing the lives of our kids for the better, bragged”, Octawie.

Explaining further, he indicated that they have about twenty kids on their academy but with a mandate to ensure that only the best among the rest is selected.

Mr. Tah admonished Liberian kids to place more emphasis on education which is lasting rather than sports which is good but has a little life spend.

The Nation-One Academy boss said they have of recent send out three kids from their academy to the United States of America and are working hard to do more in order to help improve the lives of Liberian kids.

He disclosed that plans are on the way for the construction of its own facilities soon and urged others who are wanting their kids to attend its three years program to be patient as their current process is base on merit.