President George Weah’s proposal to host a National Economic Dialogue to ensure a holistic discussion aimed at addressing pressing national issues is so far being well received by the people of Liberia including key stakeholders of the sector.

Following series of planning by the technical committee now secretariat of the Economic Dialogue, it is now a reality that crucial national engagement will take place Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at the newly constructed Ministerial Complex in Paynesville.

According to a member of the secretariat Jacob Jallah preparations leading to the dialogue conference are all set and ready for full commencement.

He said the three days gathering will bring together over two hundred Liberians mainly those in the private sector to discuss issues relative to the Country’s economy.

Additionally, Mr. Jallah pointed out that International experts from Ghana and Sierra Leone including national experts in Liberia will form a part of the sector.

Explaining further he assured our reporter that the planned economic dialogue exercise will not be a “Talk Shop” as usual rather a one that will come out with a strategic out on a consensus basis.

“Practical realistic goals within a short time frame for about six months will be implemented at the end of the entire process”, he added.

He characterized the three days gathering into three pillars.

On day one, Jallah said they will look at the identification of the challenges in the sector while day two will see the engagement of workable solutions to the challenges and on the final day, delegates will derive at a comprehensive roadmap on how such can be achieved.

The Economic Dialogue secretariat member stressed that domestic and private are key players to the exercise and are captured in the entire process.

President George Weah as part of his commitment to help through collaboration with key stakeholders address Liberia’s economic sector will deliver a special statement at the conference.

The Liberian leader who acknowledged the challenges facing the nation and its people re-echoed the need for collective efforts from all concerned to help address the issues affecting Liberia.