“National Governor Council and Traditional Women Threaten “unspecified Action”Against Talk Show Host Henry Costa


The National Governor Council and Traditional women of Liberia have in an angry and disappointing mood called on political talk show host Henry Costa to make an open apology to them and the Cultural and Peace Ambassador Juli Endee.

The open apology being demanded by the traditional women and women organizations from Henry Costa is triggered by his recent statement that Ambassador Juli Endee “lacks moral and is incompetent” among others.

The traditional women said it is shameful that their son “after abusing and blackmailing almost all the leaders in the country” will now insult their traditional and cultural queen (Juli Endee) .

This according to them is a “disgrace to his upbringing” because he has since refused to respect authority which is against traditional and cultural values and norms.

Speaking Tuesday at the Liberia Crusaders for Peace Golden Image Awards-2019 Women’s Forum, the women in a strong tune warned Costa to desist from his “gravy seeking habits” that put reputable individuals and institution images and characters at stick.

“Le child who mouth say it wan do advocacy and causing people , u think he doing it for the country”? an unanswered question the traditional voices raised.

According to them, the political talk show host is money driven and can do all he can to gain attention in order to take money from people who he blackmails.

It is the first of its kind that traditional women and other women groups from 117 organizations to raised such a voice of disappointment against a young Liberian.

They added that Talk show hosts are people of moral and ethical values and above all people who come in defence with a positive mindset and not the other way around.

This , the women noted is not attributed to Henry Costa due to his continual actions that make the country being seen as a zoon of no good.

They on Tuesday threatened to have an unspecified action against him if national government does not step in.

“Traditional people are traditional people and if u play with our queen that has brought joy to our cultures, u will see the bitter part of us “they said.

The women told the gathering that they have remained resolved in making sure that the Root Fm Talk show host heed their demand or face the raft attach.

“The Independence Celebration in honor of women started ever since before Costa can start talking about that their protest on July 24”, the traditional oriented also disclosed.

The Governor Council headed by Ma Musu is expected to within a shortest possible time call on law makes and other relevant law enforcement authorities to take action or they as natives derived at their traditional approaches.


  1. The quest to save the state from wanton mismanagement is superior to your self conceited desire to merry make on July 26. Are you not concern about the number of rape cases and subsequent murders that have engulfed the motherland? Patriots will never shy away from the issues. As for you KMTV, you can continue running with imbalance stories.

  2. Julie Endee is a fake cultural ambassador. She will never be Miatta Fahnbulleh, Nimba Bird or Fatu Gayflor. She is a fake, fake gold wearing hypocrite who can be bought for 30 pieces of silver. Never open her big mouth about rape but talk stupidness about our culture. Costa is right, she is a fake fake woman. Who made her cultural ambassador? With her big thighs she cannot dance any cultural dance.

  3. But why should Costa apologize to them after labelling him as fake”? Let them give the man chance mehn! But even Kmtv is becoming bias in their writing these days, there’s no independent news alert here again?

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