National Pastoral Network For Peace Reacts to Kanvee Adams Outbursts


By: Eric Gerlay (Intern) & Nathan Charles 

“Kanvee is troublesome soul. Kanvee is suffering from identity problem, spiritual and psychological disorder, career breakdown, contract failure, and domestic disorder.”

Scores of Pastors and Bishops under the banner National Pastoral Network For Peace (NPNP) on Friday, September 4, 2020 debunked recent allegations of bribery by the network to endorse the candidacy bid of Monsterrado District #5 Lawmaker, Thomas P. Fallah for the upcoming December 8, 2020 senatorial election.

“The National Pastoral Network is a movement including Pastors, Apostles, Evangelists, Church leaders and Bishops within the fifteenth political subdivision of Liberia.

“We stand to make godly leaders through constitutional elections to enhance spiritual oversight of leaders.

As pastors, we thought it wise to lead our people into devine direction. It is from this backgrounds that  NPNP endorsed H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah 2017, and district #5, Thomas Fallah for December 8 election.” The network said.

To clarify on the issue of receiving money from Rep. Thomas Fallah of the Coalition for Democratic Change, for the endorsement service, the group said it’s a lie.

The religious body noted they are mature and organized stressing that their  network  has integrity.

“We will never receive money in order to endorse but rather we will go for people of character, and we have seen such a character in Thomas Fallah. He has institution, university, this is a man that sent Pastors to the holy land Isreal,” National Pastoral Network reveals.

Meanwhile, the network on Friday in a Press statement  condemned recent social media podcast of alledged rape scandals, breach of morals ethics among others leveled against its President, Bishop Amos Bah’ by multi awards winning gospel singer, Kanvee G. Adams.

They describes the singer as a troublesome soul who is suffering from identity problem.

Madam Adams who participated in the 2017 general election as independent representative candidate in Monsterrado District #6 in a live social media podcast condenmed the endorsement move by the Network’s President, Bishop Bah who in 2017 allegedly condenmed her bid for Representative, thereby describing the process as house of Representatives as a place for corrupt and evil people.

“Bishop Bah is a cleaned character, he runs international ministry. He is a father to this network. Kanvee is troublesome soul. Kanvee is suffering from identity problem, spiritual and psychological disorder, career breakdown, contract failure, and domestic disorder.

If she can be very much remorseful to go back and apologize, she will be able to clean her soul.

The woman is from the opposition political institution and our institution is independent, because of this, she is being influenced by her master, her standard-bearer to desecrate what we have done,” National Pastoral Network said .

The Network response comes admist mixed reactions, condemnations ranging from religious and political groups since its endorsement of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) December 8,2020 Senatorial aspirant, Hon. Fallah.

However,  the gospel musician has continue her outburst against members of the network. Madam Adams also threatened to expose more of the awful deeds of some of the religious leaders .

In one of  her recent Facebook comment she brand some of the group members as foolish, unless and corrupt, who are hiding under their religious titles.

KMTV is making effort to interview the both but they are yet to concent to the interview request .

Details are emerging.