As part of national efforts to eradicate the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development has provided LD$1.6M for COVID-19 Response of which 1.2 M was given to 45 community-Base Organizations (CBOs) and Network Groups.

Out of the said amount, $400,000LD was given for a mobile awareness campaign.

The disbursement is a Montserrado base project intended to support community base interventions in fighting the disease.

On Monday, May 11, 2020 LD $ 784, 960.00 was presented to thirty CBOs to help strengthen their capacity to eradicate Coronavirus out of Liberia which is a follow up to the LD$465, 845 provided last week to 15 organizations.

The selected organizations and network groups benefiting for the airport includes the State Exchange Alumni of Liberia, National Union of people with disabilities, Antoinette Tubman Cheshire Home, Women Empowerment Network, Liberia Association of volunteers, Youth Aid Liberia, Courageous Women of Liberia, School Health Institute of Liberia, Women of Substance, Community-Based Initiatives for Disease Surveillance and Sustainable Development, Educate The Future Liberia, Lift Liberia.

120 applications were received but a selection criteria and funding availability constrained the total beneficiary after a competitive vetting process considering the diversity of people and projects.

The “Community Action Platform Against COVID-19” is a project design to increase grassroots response to the fight against the virus , enhance community engagements and ownership.

The funds provided according to NAYMOTE will be used to create awareness on the importance of hand washing, social distancing, wearing of face-marks, COVID-19 signs and symptoms, encouraging citizens to adhere to the National Health Protocols and why citizens should always call 4455 if they or someone in their community feel sick.

The projects will also use community organizing skills and social mobilization lessons learned from Ebola crises, as NAYMOTE and donors ignite the same spirit and vigour to help save the lives of vulnerable populations of Liberia.

NAYMOTE told reporters that in order to realizing the power of technology to reach many people, the institution has hired 15 volunteers with a daily target of reaching 20 persons via call and share awareness messages using mobile phones costing in total LD$400,000 fo the mobile awareness campaign within the next 30 days.

According to the Executive Director of NAYMOTE Partners and Democratic Development, Eddie Jarwolo , the approach is highly adaptive, and as such support to community Resilience and government national preparedness and response plan to eradicate the virus is very vital.

The organization through its Executive Director is therefore calling on the government and partners for a robust support to community interventions as the best means to save lives.

He at same challenged citizens across the country to join the fight by adhering to all preventive measures and stop denial.

Meanwhile, the “small grant fund” was made available from redirected budget lines for the Open Society Initiative of west Africa and the National Endowment for Democracy funded projects.

The targeted number of 800,000 people in Liberia to be directly or indirectly affected, is what the project seeks to achieve in its strive against the pandemic.