The leadership of the National Civil society Council of Liberia and the National Coordination Body of the Liberia CSOs Anti Corruption Coalition, is calling on the Liberian Senate to distance itself and take all administrative and leadership role assigned Grand Cape Mount Senator Harry Varney Gboto-Nambi Sherman.

According to the Anti-Corruption groups,the Grand Cape Mount Senator lacks integrity to serve in such position, because he was recently designated by the US Department of Treasury for being a foreign person who is a former or current government official engaged in corruption, misappropriation of State assets, corruption related to government contracts, extraction of natural resources and bribery.

Accordingding to the group, the US Department of Treasury said in 2010,the lawmarker was hired by a British mining company to obtain Liberia’s remaining mining assets, Wologizi Iron Ore Concession.

According to them, the lawmarker asked the British company to bribe senior officials inorder to kick start the process.

Reading the press statement, Loretta Pope Kai said, the lawmarker and several government officials were indicted by the former regime for their involvement in USD 950,000 bribery scheme.

She said, in 2019,the judge presiding over the case acquitted all individuals involved in the bribery scheme.

She alleged that Senator Sherman bribe all judges associated with his trail and had an undisclosed conflict of interest with the judge and gain not guilty verdict in July 2019.

The Anti-Corruption noted that reports from the US Department of Treasury shows that the law marker routinely paid judges to decide cases in his favor and finically support politicians to impeach a judge who has rule against him.

According to the group’s, Senator Sherman acts of bribery lacks good moral to chair the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice.

In view of the above, the two Anti-Corruption group has written a communication to Plenary of the Liberian Senate dated February 3,2021 to remove Senator Varney Sherman from the Chairmanship of the Liberian Senate Judiciary Committee, so as to avoid bringing the Senate to public disrepute.

According the Anti-Corruption groups, the Senator should step aside to seek judicial redress with the US Government and save the Liberian Senate.

The group said, the recent argument among the senators that the Grand Cape Mount law marker matter with the US Department of Treasury is personal and not an issue with the Senate is weak and lazy, but a calculated attempt to undermine the entire Legislature and the country.

Cllr. Sherman is yet to reply to the group latest stands against him.