NEC Releases Voter’s Listing , Precincts & Polling Places in Margibi


The National Election Commission in Margibi County has released the total numbers of Male and female registered voters, precincts, and polling places in the county ahead of the December 8 senatorial election.

A total of 178,554 registered voters, 148 Percents, and 420 polling places are in the county.

Of the total voters 93, 817 Males and 84,737 Females.

Also, there are 148 precincts in the five electoral districts in Margibi County. NEC has recorded 25 precincts in district#1,  as for district # 2 a total of 29 precincts why 30 precincts in district#3 and districts # 4 and #5 with 32 precincts each.

Speaking to KMTV in Margibi County, the newly assigned Magistrate of Margibi Mr. Ernest K. Mccay Sr. said, NEC is releasing such information in order to bring transparency and accountability into the process.

Mr. Ernest K. Mccay is the former Magistrate of Gbarpolu County who was recently transferred to Margibi while the former Magistrate of Margibi County is currently assigned in Gbarpolu county ahead of the pending December 8, Senatorial election scheduled for Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters in Kakata, the newly assigned Magistrate of Margibi further stressed that National Election Commission (NEC) Margibi chapter will commence the deployment of NEC workers on Sunday, December 6, 2020, especially Electoral Supervisors.

Magistrate Mccay added that NEC has started awareness on the 2020 national referendum in Margibi.

He said creating awareness to different grouping and civil society organizations will bring a quick understanding of the eight propositions.

Maacay further called on eligible voters to turn out in their numbers comes December 8 and vote,

promising transparency and accountability in the process.

He said in order to show transparency, all candidates must ensure that observes are present at the various polling centers.

“We want to assure our people that this election will be free, fair, and transparent. All we can say is go and vote on Tuesday and we also call on all candidates to ensure that their observers are present to all polling centers across the county because they will start to inform them before NEC” Magistrate Mccay added.