Ngafuan Family Donates To Lofa County Steering Committee 


In preparations for the commencement of the 2019-2020 National County Sports Meet, Lofa County is said to be getting more support in order to motivate the young talents of the County to  muster the courage and break the deadlock of ensuring Lofa Wins the competition this year.

“We will not stop supporting the teams of our County”, Augustine Ngafuan  Son of Lofa County said.

Speaking during the presentation Tuesday November 5,2019  Frank Ngafuan brother of Kpehe  Ngafuan urged his fellow kinsman to see the need to support the County team to ensure  their goals are achieved.

The donation Mr. Ngafuan said is their family initial gesture to their County of origin.

Also speaking during the presentation ceremony former Foreign Affairs Minister Augustine Ngafuan assured his people that this is the time for Lofa County to win the prestigious sporting festivity in the County.

He encouraged citizens of Lofa to the work together as a united force to help move the County forward.

In brief remarks the Chairman of the Lofa County steering Committee Momo Cyrus thanked the Ngafuan’s family for the gesture terming it as timely.

He said the donation is a manifestation of what is required for the County to achieve its desire goal.

Mr. Cyrus named lack of support, planning and many others as challenges experienced by the County’s team in the past something he  pointed out is now being work out by the current committee effectively.

He is very confident that with their current early preparation, support and many others, Lofa County will win this year’s County meet.

The donation of a one hundred United States Dollar, a set of jersey by the Ngafuan’s family came few days after the Lofa County team defeated Grand Bassa County both Football and Kickball in Buchanan City , Grand Bassa County.

According to Mr. Cyrus more plans by the committee are in the making to ensure they accomplish  their mission this year.

He used the occasion to urged all Lofians to rally around the County to help take Lofa to the promise land sporting wise which they have not reached since the inauguration of the tournament.


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