NICORA Refutes Allegations by One Nimba Movement Against Journalists

By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Correspondent Nimba County)
Nimba County– The overseeing organization of Journalists across Nimba, Nimba Community Radio Association (NICORA), through its executives,has sharply condemned recent accusation against media personnel by the One Nimba Movement Pro-democracy group.
Following the much criticized 8th Nimba County Council Sitting, the group in a news conference last week in Ganta pointed an accusing finger against Journalists who followed the event last month.
According to its Secretary General Mr. Printis T. K. Domah, tension which erupted at the recent County Sitting in Sanniquellie Nimba County, during  PMC Election was as a result of the manner in which Journalists covering the program, something the movement said was unprofessional on the side of the Journalists.
He said some reporters present at the Sitting did not report the actual happenings, instead chose to present myth to the public.
But NICORA through its president,Mr. S. Kennedy Domah, has expressed a grave disappointment in the One Nimba Movement’s latest statements against the media landscape of the county.
Speaking at a special news conference in the City of Ganta recently,Mr. Domah refuted the allegations and termed it as ‘unfortunate and laughable.’
The NICORA Boss said, he expects Mr. Kartoe and his group to appreciate efforts applied by Newsmen during the latest County Sitting instead of accusing them of creating tension among leaders and inhabitants of the county.
He stressed that the role of Journalists as watchdogs is to observe and report exactly what they see happening but not to “turn black to white.”
Considering this, the NICORA Chief said, pressmen at the occasion should not be criticized because they performed their duties professionally and ethically well.
Mr. Domah wonders why the One Nimba Movement will be accusing the media at this period when everyone including other advocate group’s have since publicly defiled the process.
He therefore wants the leadership and members of the organization change their attitudes in order to positively impact the county.
One Nimba Movement is an emerging Civil Society Organization established mid this year for the purpose of flagging out ills in the county and also promoting peace and unity amongst citizens of the county through advocacy.
Since its formation, Mr. Bob Yeanua Kartoe, the architect of the group’s establishment has been serving as its acting Chairperson.