Nimba: 2 Student Leaders Placed Behind Bars


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Nimba Correspondent)

Nimba County- Two student leaders in Nimba have been arrested and placed behind bars at the Ganta Police Station on an alleged order from the County Educational Officer (CEO), Moses S. Dologbay.

Melekeh W. Gbuapaye, Secretary-General, and Madison T. Gonyon Spokesperson of the Progressive Students Movement of Nimba (Prosmon) were reportedly jailed after students on Tuesday, July 28, locked the doors of the office of Bain-Garr Educational District #1. Following their actions, Mr. Dologbay arranged a meeting with them to be held on today, July 31, at the office of the District Educational Officer in Ganta, Nimba County.

Unfortunately, the meeting ended in a deadlock after the CEO reportedly refused to listen to the plight of the students, on grounds that they have been functioning illegally, as they do not have a legal document to back their move.

Tension later erupted between the student leaders and the educational authorities, thus prompting the alleged order from the CEO for the two student leaders to be arrested.

Melekeh W. Gbuapaye and Madison T. Gonyon are both students of the United Methodist University.

The students’ group on July 20, presented a petition to the Ministry of Education through its County Education Office to reopen schools, including universities and colleges across the country.

The students also gave a seven-day ultimatum to the government through the education ministry to positively respond to their demands if not they would have no alternative but to mobilize more students and march on campuses in the county to obstruct the ongoing WASSCE preparation for twelve graders.

The students’ petition was received by the CEO, but informed the students that the reopening of higher learning institutions is beyond his scope of work, therefore, the Commission on Higher Education should be addressed because it is their sole responsibility.