Nimba: Citizens Continue with District League Amid Cancellation Calls from Lawmakers


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Correspondent)

Nimba County– Citizens from across the nine districts of Nimba County are continuing the ongoing Inter-Electoral District League amid calls from lawmakers of the county to have the tournament halted.

The District League is the most attractive sporting event in the county which people believe serves as a unifying moment amongst citizens of the county.

It usually features two major sports, kickball and football which are the notable traditional sports in Liberia.

The showpiece is meanly meant to help youths to showcase their talents and also bring them under the spotlight to be scoutted by technocrats who will nurture them to further justify their respective qualifications to the county teams.

Lawmakers are calling for the festival to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Legislators, health authorities have not yet given a go-ahead to sporting activities therefore they as policymakers do not want to be caught in the web as defiling protocols especially something that has to do with a national health emergency.

” I have always been supporting my District but this year I told the children that we’ll not go into the league because of the coronavirus which the health authorities have not allowed football to be played.” District #4 Representative Gonpue L. Kargon told our Correspondent.

“We’ve unanimously agreed that the tournament should be halted yet until we hear from the Ministry of Health. Sports is different from politics. We don’t want our citizens to be defiant.” Hon. Samuel G. Kogar, secretary general of the Nimba Legislative Caucus explained.

Despite the demands from the Lawmakers, citizens and sports stakeholders on the other hand are arguing that once there are political gatherings across Nimba including primaries and other pre campaign activities which Lawmakers attend, where some of the health protocols are not observed they will continue the sporting event.

The tournament kicked off at the weekend in Ganta, defending champions Twah-river District #4 were defeated 1-0 last year’s runner ups of Sanniquellie-Mahn District#2 n dramatic clash in the opening match last Saturday.

Thanks to a Dar Karmen’s lone goal in the 82nd minute.

The tournament will continue with the final now set for the 27th of September.

Headed of sporting federations and health authorities are expected to hold a meeting on Monday, September 14, to discuss return to play protocols.