Nimba County: Over Fear of Electoral Fraud, Citizens Obstruct Vehicle Transporting Ballot Boxes


Nimba County- As the National Election Commission (NEC) continues to tally results from across the nine electoral Districts of Nimba, it is a normal fact that political candidates and their allies will continue to keep on the watch in making sure that the process surrounding the election be freely and fairly handled by the requisite authority.

Owing to this reality, a vehicle transporting ballot boxes to the Upper Nimba Magistrate office in Sanniquellie, was on Thursday night obstructed by people believed to be members and executives of the friends of Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh over a suspected fraudulent act.

The black Nissan Pickup loaded with ballot boxes was being chased by the individuals.

They suspected that the pickup was heading to a different destination.

The vehicle with plate number A611858 is said to have brought the ballot boxes from the Buu-yao, District 5 and was heading to the local NEC office in Sanniquellie where the tally of results is being done.

Mr. Johnson Dolo driver of the pickup explained to KMTV News that one of the tyres of his vehicle had a problem so they had to pass through Ganta to get an alternative tyre from his friend before continuing their journey to Sanniquellie.

“But as soon as we entered Ganta before reaching the checkpoint from Saclepea way, people already called the people [Security] at the checkpoint and yelling that we are running away with ballot boxes. When we got there we explained to the security and they allowed us to pass, but on our way to town, we saw a group of people chasing us so I got afraid for the safety of the car that’s how we came at the police station here,” the driver narrated.

The vehicle Loaded with Ballot Boxes Parked at the Police Station In Ganta On Thursday's Night
The vehicle Loaded with Ballot Boxes Parked at the Police Station In Ganta On Thursday’s Night

Though there was no security personnel assigned to the pickup, it was boarded by poll watchers including Mr. Saye Mezee, who served as the Electoral Supervisor(ES) for that region.

“I don’t know why people always get this kinda thinking? We passed through Kialay, Bahn, Saclepea and all those other places nobody disturbed us but only in Ganta, they started doing this thing. Electoral Supervisor Saye Mezee explained in frustration.”

There were thirty (30) ballot boxes onboard according to Mr. Mezee, this includes 15 ballot boxes for the Special Senatorial Election and 15 boxes containing the ballots for the Referendum.

The 30 ballot boxes onboard according to the Electoral Supervisor were collected from Dinplay, Florlay, Glalay, and Tiaplay-Boyalay all from Electoral District 5, Buu-Yao.

Buu-yao, Gbehlay-Geh and Twah-river (Districts 5, 3 and 4) are considered as the electoral college in the county at the moment and provisional results pulling put Edith main contender Koung at a better stance at the moment.

Due to threats from angry supporters, the vehicle was packed at the Ganta police station last night before leaving for Sanniquellie on Friday morning.