Nimba: Dozens of Criminals Arrested in Police Crack Down


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Nimba Correspondent)

Nimba County- Police in Ganta over the weekend arrested over twenty-five alleged criminals in the wake of increase criminal activities in the county.

According to Redeemer Toe, Commander of the Crime Services Department at the Ganta Police Detachment, the alleged criminals were charged with multiple crimes including arm robbery, harassment, theft of property, and criminal facilitation among others.

The alleged criminals have since been forwarded to the Gompa Magisterial Court.

With the recent increase in the rate of criminal activities in the commercial City of Gompa, the police have for the past weeks increased nighttime patrol in an effort to combat criminals.

One of the arrested criminals, Leroy Suah was seen with twenty-five wrap of illicit substances and has been forwarded to the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency(LDEA) headquarters in Ganta for investigation.

Last Friday, a resident of Ganta, Roosevelt Berry was attacked armed robbers who took away several valuables, a situation that left citizens terrified.

Nimba Police Chief of Operations (OPS) Larmie Mendein is meanwhile calling on the government to beef up the police operation by sending officers of the Police Support Unit(PSU) and other logistics, especially a vehicle, to assist the police in the execution of its operations in the county.