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Nimba Superintendent Step Down Campaign Intensify

Amidst several allegations of corruption and bad governance, a group of Nimbains under the banner ” The Nimba Citizens Movement” over the weekend protested in the commercial city of Ganta calling the librarian leader H.E. George M. Weah to release Nimba County Superintendent Nelson Korquoi of his position.

The group then placed a vote of Non-confidence in Superintendent Nelson Korquoi, due to his alleged longstanding history of Corruption and bad governance carried out at several locations within the county.

“We, the citizens of Nimba County, the Republic of Liberia, in line with Article 17 of the 1986 constitution, which states at all times shall assemble and consult upon the common good representative’s present petition the government or other functionaries for the redress of pressing issues affecting the common good of our heritage including  accountability, governance and the management of public funds with the core objective of contributing to a developed and prosperous Nimba County”.

The group further petitioned government functionaries, including local leaders, and civil society stakeholders among others calling for the immediate dismissal of the county superintendent for gross violation and misused of the county resources including the social development funds.

One of the group’s lead campaigners Emerson Drobia said, the checkable evidence of massive and singlehandedly withdrawal from the county account without the authorization of the legislative caucus by Superintendent Korquoi resulted in the step-down campaign.

He named the illegal withdrawal of approximately 125K from the Nimba County Social Development Fund (CSDF) Account at the Liberia Bank for Development and infrastructure branch in Ganta, Nimba County.

The Squandering of US $500.00 money from the Ministry of Youth and Sports as Nimba’s share of gets intake from the 2020 County Sports Meet something according to him, the superintendent agreed to the crime.

“Monies given to the county as support towards past county meet $5,000.cost provided by Arcelor Mital, Nimba County Sport Steering Custer for the 2021 county meet. Embezzlement of 151 Million given to the superintendent for the Nimbia County” Emmerson Drobia said.

The group in their twenty counts resolution claimed that Superintendent Korquoi is incompetent and has been heavily engulfed in corrupt activities something the senior local leaders of the county refuted to the core.

The pressure group used the occasion to call on President George Weah to relieve Supt. Torque of his post based on their counts which they said believe are true with tangible evidence to substantiate.

But Responding to the allegations Nimba County Superintendent Nelson Korquoi termed the allegations as false, misleading, and pure generational envy, allegations of corruption and bad governance allegedly attributed to him by a group of Nimbians under the banner, of Nimba Citizens Movement.

According to Superintendent Korquoi, he has been working very hard for the people of the County in general and has trademarked no corruption-related activities including bad governance as claimed by them.

Responding to some of the allegations levied against him, he describes such as political tactics intended to distract him from his focus but he remains resolved and committed to doing the work of the County and the Country in general.

He told reporters that under his watch under the eye of President Weah, he has initiated about fifty-seven projects both vertical and horizontal across the Country, a milestone that needs to be appreciated and welcome.

He at the same time refuted claims by the group that he sold cars and motorbikes belonging to Town chiefs and elders of the County.

The cars were present, ted by President Weah at a public national function at the SKD and were subsequently given to the fifty beneficiaries”, he clarified.

Speaking on the issue of the sale of old vehicles belonging to the County, he stated that he wrote the County caucus a communication asking them to permit him to sell those old cars as scribes and the money to be generated will go into the account of the County but up till press time, his communication has not been responded to adding that those damaged cars are still in the County.

On the issue of 25k which the Citizens Movement of Nimba also claimed he corrupted, Supt. Korquoi stressed that such an allegation was also far from reality the truth of the matter is that, I may not know the exact money in question but I signed a check with the permission of the County’s legislative caucus and was approved by the internal affairs Ministry to order payment to scores of people to include contractors and security among others and we have documents to those issues”, he said.

According to him, the processes were done legally and not to the contrary as claimed by the group.

The Nimba County Superintendent pointed out that he is not surprised by such allegations especially ahead of the 2023 general elections but he remains firm and unbinding ensuring that he executes his duty mainly with the confidence reposed in him by the Liberian leader.

“Those allegations are mere and unsubstantiated, it is just petty envy, witch hunt and hi by some people who in their mind things that I am too small or should not be is not surprised great County of Nimba”, he noted.

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