Nimba’s Council Sitting Postponed for Fourth Time


By: Nathaniel Success Tokpah (Nimba Correspondent

The long-awaited Nimba County Council Sitting has been postponed for the fourth time.

The County Council which is the highest decision-making body in the county was set for August 13, 2020, but to the dismay of the citizenry, the event has been postponed with less than 24 hours to the date that was earlier announced.

According to Nimba County District #5 Rep. Samuel G. Kogar and Secretary-General of the County Caucus, the latter postponement was as a result of the county’s unpreparedness in hosting the breathtaking event.

By way of protocol, the superintendent who sets the agendas for the Sitting has to officially write the Caucus informing them of the event outlining how prepared county is, as the Caucus in return writes the County Administration through the superintendent consenting to the hosting of the Sitting, but according to the lawmaker, nothing of such has being done, adding that it was unfortunate to see the Superintendent of the County going around on radio stations to inform the citizens concerning the Council Sitting when the necessary planning activities have not been settled.

Meanwhile, August 20-22, 2020, has been set as the new date for the event.

Rep. Kogar further noted that the postponement will now give the Caucus and County Administration the chance to better prepare for the event.

The Nimba County Council Sitting was postponed twice in June of this year before it was later set for the August 6, and now August 13 which has also been extended by two weeks.

Nimba County last went to a  Council Sitting in September 2018, but the meeting was prematurely adjourned by the presiding, Sen. Prince Yormie Johnson when a report presented by then-superintendent David Dorr Cooper was rejected by the body on grounds that it lacked specifics.

Meanwhile, some citizens especially Civil Society Organizations have expressed frustration and disappointment in the Caucus as well as the county leadership for the poor governance.