“No Leather was used During The Carbah’s Saga, Police Latest Investigation Revealed

The Liberia National Police has released official report from the June 30th Carbah incident clarifying that no leather weapon was used on the scene of the incident contrary to what was perceived in the public.
Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations Col.Robert Budy admitted to a firing on the scene but specified that such was a non leather weapon sound and not a gun sound.
Addressing journalists Wednesday July 4,2018 Col.Budy refuted media reports including public opinion that the police discharge any gun on the scene.
He challenged any Liberian to provide evidence that a police officer shot the victim,Helena Nimely.
Deputy police boss for operations quotes medical report as saying that victim Helena sustained laceration on her right neck but no foreign body was noted.
Additionally he justified that it is impossible for a bullet or any projector to have caused the laceration leaving no trace of foreign body contrary to reports that Helena was fired by a bullet or projector which was fired on the scene of the rioting.
Physical examination suggests that the victim was conscious and sustained laceration from the back of her right neck about 14 centimeters from her right ear.
Explaining further to reporters Col.Budy indicated that whatever object or wound inflated on Helena started from the back up to the front of her right neck adding that it is impossible for a police officer to fire Helena from the front of her neck and see the laceration from the back to the front.
Meanwhile,Helena is currently been treated at the Trinity Healing Health Center in Barnersville and is expected to be discharged later today.
However medical report advice that she conduct an x-ray on her neck and is to as well continue wound care.
Speaking to newsman Col.Robert called on Liberians to be law abiding,desist and refrain from mob violence especially when there is an incident that requires police intervention or investigation.
“Liberia is a Country of Law and no one is above the law as such adhering to the law is cardinal to social and economic development of Liberia”, he told media practitioners Wednesday.
The Carbah June 30th incident came about after a dump truck and a motor bike bump into each other leaving the rider Rufus Vambo and co-rider Stewart Bridges later dead upon arrival at the James Doe Young Hospital.
A situation which led to mob violence as traffic block an attempted burning of the dump truck by any residents were the order of the day.
The incident also led to a wound sustained on Helena Nimely,as up to press time no tangible prove has been established if the wound was as a result of gun shot though medical report say the injury sustained on Helena went 14 centimeters deep.
What exactly hit Helena’s right neck to have sustained a 14 centimeter deep wound from her right neck now remains a mystery.