“We Need More Money To Pay Additional Teachers” Ministry of Education divulges, Pleas For More Budgetary Support…


Deputy Education Minister for Administration says, limited budgetary support has rendered the ministry incapable to pay some teaching staffs who are volunteering their Monthly salaries and benefits across Liberia.

Deputy Minister Lathim Da-Thong told Lawmakers, the problem can only be mitigated through adequate budgetary allotment for the Ministry.

The Liberian deputy education Minister is quoted as saying, “the Ministry of Education does not have the ability to pay all the teachers that are in the class rooms” due to the lack of finance.

Speaking at the Chambers of the House of Representatives, Mr. Da-Thong said there are hundreds of voluntary instructors who are yet to be placed on government payroll for their impactful services.

He called on the appropriating arm of government (the Legislature) to increase the Education Ministry’s budget for better results in the sector.

“Give us the money and if we don’t perform, then, take any action against us” Minister Da-Thong remarked.

According to him, if more money is placed in the budget, it will enable them employ more professional teaching staffs.

Deputy Minister Da-thong made the request when he appeared before the plenary of the House of Representatives on Thursday.



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