“No Protest, Peaceful Assembly/Demonstration Until Decision Is Made On January 30, 2020”, Government Warns

Liberian Government warned that there will be no peaceful protest,assembly, counter protest including demonstration on December 30, 2019 as planned by both the Council of Patriots and the Independent Council of Patriots respectively, all are advice to take heel and govern themselves accordingly, the government official statement from the Justice Ministry cautioned the parties of interest concerned.

The Government’s decision came following appeal from the two groups calling for security protest for their protest and counter protest as well as requesting for permit to implement their respective exercise.
The Council of Patriots wants the President to step down but of late changed their advocacy calling for the government to implement its June 7, recommendation made to it among other things, to address the current economic situation facing the nation and its people something the Independent Council of Patriots believe is not sincere and realistic.
The final decision has been made through the Justice Ministry encouraging all parties not to stage any protest until decision can be reached by January 30, 2020.
According to the Government official statement due to National security capacity to safeguard the peace at the crucial time of the Country as well as other national issues, it is not timely and possible to allow and or permit such process to take place.
Since the release of the statement signed by Maude M. Somah director of Public Affairs at the Justice Ministry no official statement and or position from the two groups has been made public up till press time.