“No to Homosexuality”, Liberians Threaten to Kill Alvin when Deported from Sweden


A well-known Liberia Gay residing in Sweden is currently living in fear following plans to have him deported after news broke up of his alleged involvement in homosexuality.
Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender.
Alvin Chuchuboy Gould is currently in fear not only that the Swedish government is in search of him for deportation but also whether he will be accepted to live freely in the Liberian society as a result of threats from many Liberians back home to assassinate him upon his arrival.
Alvin has been living in Sweden for several years but is currently in hiding and will soon be deported to Liberia where KMTV’s investigation has established that people who practice homosexuality are considered as ‘Animals’ and they risk losing their lives.
As it stands, Alvin’s survivability is being questioned as many Liberians specifically those in Monrovia have confirmed that they do not even one to set eyes on him upon his return to his Home-Country.
Some believe that he has brought his Country (Liberia) to Public disrepute owing to the fact that he left the Country to seek better live but failed to do legal things rather than engaging himself into homosexuality.
Joseph B. Kokolo, a resident of West Point has told KMTV that the action of Alvin is devilish, maintaining that he doesn’t deserve to be in the Liberian society.
“For me I don’t like people like that at all, I don’t even like to set eyes on them. One live in my year, he dresses like a female and he even acts and walks like sexily. I usually take stick for him, I have planned to beat him whenever I see him passing in my yard because I don’t like such people at all” Joseph explained in rage.
According to him, they will not consider Alvin Chuchuboy Gould live freely because he has shown that he doesn’t deserve to live.
“He should not even try it to come to Liberia because we already know that he is coming to encourage or brothers to be like him, he is coming with the intention of putting others into his gay so let me Cleary say here that Alvin needs to be killed.
Mirita Jurry, a student of Christ the King Catholic School has also codenamed the action of Alvin to have engaged himself into what she calls evil act.
According to her, the presence of Alvin Chuchuboy Gould will spoil the Liberian society which might lead to destruction.
“I know when he comes to Liberia, he will try to encourage boys especially students to join him and with that, Liberia will be completely destroyed because if you have a society that is practicing homosexuality, it leads to destruction’ Mirita added.

Varney Fahnbulleh: “People know what we can do to those engaged or supporting same sex marriage. You are aware that angry Liberians burned a whole house here only because someone from that particular house was in support of homosexuality.
It is completely nonsensical to support same sex marriage in a Country that we consider to have been built on Christian principles”
At the same time, Mrs. Patience Nawah Boyah, the Mother of four children and a plantain cheese seller told KMTV that they will not sit and allow Alvin Come to Liberia on grounds that he will ‘damage’ with his “evil” deeds.
“I will never feel please living with such a person because I find nothing in him, he has nothing to offer me but to rather damage either me or my children so I want to join the rest of the people to say no to Alvin coming to Liberia. I say no because we want our boy children to be safe and if he comes, trust me, people get rid of him” Mrs. Boyah added.
Leon Saydee who is an Activist has also condemned the action of the Liberian National, adding that he needs not to be accepted in the society.
“Homosexuality is forbidden in our Liberian setting, our culture does not permit such act and we have a powerful religion because if you follow the Bible or the Quran, you cannot see anything that supports same sex marriage.
For me, I stand against it completely, I intentionally hit one the other day because I don’t like to even set my eyes on them. If you are a gay coming to Liberia, pray that we should not see you but when it happens, we will kill you.
Leon said there is nothing in the Liberian constitution that talks about support of homosexuality therefore, allowing one who is involved in it to come to Liberia will be his own will of losing his life.
“Why Liberians who travel overseas are not positive minded but instead choose to be gay? This is the second Liberian who is abroad to openly be engaged in such act, looking at his background, coming from the military to be engaged in such practice is altogether unacceptable.
However, there are people who also believe that the Swedish government might also be held responsible if anything happens to him following his deportation.
As it stands, Alvin who is in hiding in Sweden, has no other alternative rather than being deported as KMTV gathers that Liberians keep threatening to kill him.


  1. I don’t think the above statement that Liberians want to kill someone purporting to be a homosexual is true. This paper wants to promote the homosexual addict Alvin to remain in Sweden. Because how can a Newspaper dwell on the saying of one or two persons to conclude that the entire populace is threatening the live of a condemned person in another country? This is not professional and it can not come from the pen of a sound-minded writer. Journalists in my view should not harbor sentiments for or against any one but to write the truth. But if one looks at this so-called journalist’s writings here, one will notice that he has something in his sleeves against this the government and wants to make the so-called pronouncements of very few people to be that of an accepted behavioral pattern of the Liberian government and people. Which is FALSE!
    The journalist needs to as well up-grade his English Grammar as we have “plantain chips” but not “plantain cheese” as he penned in this deduction.

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