Non-Political Group Presents Petition in Solidarity With George Floyd in Liberia


 By: Angel Peters (Intern)

The concerned Liberians in Solidarity of the ‘Black Minority in America’ and worldwide, has presented an official petition to the American Embassy near Monrovia.

The non-political group presented the petition to the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Liberia and the Ambassador of the United States of America in regret of the recent murder of George Floyd.

Speaking during the presentation, the Chairperson Arthur K. Johnson, on behalf of the group stated that they submit their petition for justice into the murder of a black man by Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin.

” This gutsy act committed by the officer along with three other colleagues, former officer Thomas Kiernan Lane, J Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao has led to ongoing protest calling for the rights and justice of blacks in America,” he said.

He further said, they joined their voices with blacks in America and some of the whites who have decided to stay in solidarity with the blacks in appealing for justice across the country.

Meanwhile, Johnson condemned violent acts perpetrated by protesters such as the burning of properties, looting, vandalizing and others.

He on behalf of the group and as part of the petition statement, spoke against the constant killings and intimidation of black people by the whites, urging them not to judge blacks based on the color of  their skin.

In addition to the statement, the group called on the American government to serve the late George Floyd and his family total justice as they appeal that justice in America should be in accordance with the law.

He at the same time, called on the American government to work along with the Liberian government on the protection of human rights and access to justice for the betterment of peace in Liberia.