“NOPSWECO” Finding Reveals Govt. Failure To Receive COP Petition On Time, Frowns On Shutting Down Of The Internet…


Monrovia, Liberia-The “Network of Peace and Security Women in ECOWAS Countries (NOPSWECO) has released its independent observation findings on the just ended June 7 demonstration in Monrovia.

The “Network of Peace and Security Women in ECOWAS Countries, is a regional body responsible for the coordination and optimization of women’s role in conflict prevention.

The group said the assembly and conduct of both the protesters and the joint security, was peaceful throughout the day but blamed government for failing to receive the petition at 3pm as agreed.

“The government delayed to send representatives to receive the petition after it was agreed that it would be received by the Vice President at 3:00 pm.

“NOPSWECO” President, Mmonbeydo Harrell said the joint security presence was felt throughout the City stating that Citizens were from the initial stage asked for identity by the security men/women.

In its findings, NOPSWECO confirmed the shutting down of the Internet by the Government of Liberia as confirmed by Netblock.com and Information Minister Len Eugene Nagbe.

Minister Nagbe said the decision to shut the Internet was in the best security interest of the Country.

An international media group, Allafrica.com reported on June 10, that the Government of Liberia used over 100 million United States Dollars to shut down the internet, an allegation that is yet be addressed by President Weah and team.

The President of the “Network of Peace and Security Women in ECOWAS Countries meanwhile recommended to government, the continuous protection of the essential rights of citizens and guarantee access to information.

NOPSWECO further suggested a thorough investigation into the arrest of 20 people who spent over two nights behind bars; thirteen of whom were released on Tuesday.