Normal Working Activities Stalled At The National Lottery Authority Due To Protest Action by Aggrieved Parties

Mixed views and abrupt protest action Tuesday July 3rd, 2018 led to the disruption of normal working activities at the main office of the National Lottery Authority between 10th and 11th Street in Sinkor.
The protest action came as a result of the recent appointment by President George Weah to that arm of government.
According to one party President Weah’s latest appointment of Reginald Nagbe as Director General of the “NLA” including Neved Kortu as Deputy Director General is an alleged violation of the act that establishes the Lottery Authority.
The act amongst other things state that a Director General should serve a term of four years while a Deputy Director should serve a term of two years something embattled Director General Martin Kollie claimed up till press time he did not end as such he should not in their debate relinquish and or turn over power.
On the other hand another party indicated that it was a complete disrespect on the parts of the outgoing Director and Deputy Director Generals respectively to refuse the decision to abide by the mandate of the President.
At a growing and tension packed scene on Tuesday at the offices of the Lottery Authority between 10th and 11th Streets in Sinkor saw two groups, the out going and incoming groups both justifying while one group should stay or while another group should leave.
The situation later intensified there by leading to the locking of the fence of the “NLA” as bitter exchanges continued but the mercy of the police up till press time brought the situation under control.
No wound,nor major or minor incidents occurred but as expected no official work was done.
Since taking over the mantle of authority some of President Weah’s appointments have come under serious criticism from the public with some people citing Corruption, qualification and or legitimate issues amongst others of nominated individuals.
It can be recalled that President Weah Appointed Charles Gibson as Justice Minister Designate who was linked to corruption allegation while Gabriel Nyenka as Head of the Liberia Extractive Industry and Transparency Initiative and the latest appointment of Moses Owen Browne as Liberia’s permanent Representative to the Immigration Maritime Organization,both appointments were met with stave resistance on grounds of tenure Hullabaloos.
Unlike the Nyenka’s scenario which has been brought under control, the situation at the National Lottery Authority is still unresolved as workers and top managers remained resolve and divided on their current position.
Critics have over the period encouraged the Liberian leader since taken office as head of state to get the appropriate pieces of advice before appointing people to key positions of trust in a move to avoid embarrassment but in the absence of that and owing to the multiple vacant positions that are yet to be fill,the president will if not work on properly face several of these stave resistance from embattled officials of government.