Notorious Criminal Falls Prey to Mob Violence


Monrovia, —Babylon is an infamous criminal danger zone in the Logan Town Community on the Bushrod Island. Citizens are usually terrorized and valuable items are taken away without redress, but on Thursday night between 7Pm to 8Pm, it was a different story. A story of violence, horror and uncivilized actions from angry mob perpetrated by community dwellers against a man famously known as ‘Eagle One —a notorious criminal gang.

The incident occurred when Eagle One allegedly attempted snatching away a cell phone belonging to a young lady who was passing in the area. While tussling over the phone, the lady shouted and cried for help until community dwellers came to her rescue, according to our source.

The rescue turned into a chaotic and bloody scene when the alleged criminal was ruthlessly beaten to the point of death by angry mob. He spent approximately three hours with blood oozing out of his body as he kept on fighting between life and death, before an ambulance took him to The John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

Eagle One died on late Friday afternoon after all efforts to safe his life proved futile by health workers.

Mob violence is a serious national threat to the Liberian society. It has claimed dozens of lives and damaged countless properties. Police and citizens have equal obligation to put an end to this fast growing social menace.

Notable mob Justice incidents include, vandalizing of Hotel Alvino in Ganta, Nimba County by motorcyclist few years back in protest for their fellow cyclist who got gruesomely murdered for alleged ritual sacrifice. All fingers pointed to the owner of Hotel Alvino, Mr. Prince Howard, a renown worthy business man.

Setting ablaze a transport bus at Chicken Soup Factory Junction, which led to a bar being placed on motorcyclist from running on major streets in Monrovia, the burning of an iron ore train by youths in Nimba County, and so many other in recent years and even now.