NPA Boss Slaps Board Members In The Face,Rejects Intervention Of Wrongful Dismissal Of Comptroller


Despite intervention from the Board of directors regarding the dismissal of former comptroller J.Franklin Sarkoh the managing director of the National Port Authority Bill Twehway vows not to reverse his decision even if it is an appropriate one.
As testimony of his action Mr.Twehway according to sources have with immediate effect allegelly appointed acting comptroller Vakuma Dukuly.
Though the Board is yet to make final decision on the matter but critics have termed the action by the NPA’s boss as a complete administrative mis carriage.
According to insider the new NPA boss who claimed to clean up the system has allegelly appointed about thirty persons at the Port with fat salaries respectively.
Moreover our sources have told us that Mr.Twehway has promoted several new employees to executive directors and directors positions respectively something which contravenes the HRD of the entity.

It can be recall that the dismissed comptroller was on Friday at 6pm served a one page letter of laid off by the DMDA instead of the human resource department.
Due to the manner and form in which the letter was presented prompted the aggrieved comptroller to have complained to the Board of directors but up to press time the board’s intervention remains fruitless as the new boss is said to be uncompromising in his decision.
It is still unclear if there will be legal or other action to be taken by the dismissed comptroller who is a full flesh employee of the port and with some of the latest revelations of New employment with fat salaries by the new NPA boss which is yet to be officially confirmed by this media entity the situation at the strategic public entity of Government appears to be unending especially as the Board of directors is yet to give official position on the matter.
A close soure told kmtv that the dismissal of Mr.Sarkoh without a warning or suspension letter is a complete violation of the labor laws of the Country.
Meanwhile Mr.Sarkoh has been cleared of three audit reports which were conducted recently and is said to be faultless but actual reasons besides administrative as described by spokesman Malcolm Scott still remains the million dollar question.
According to latest information there are calculated attempts and plans as well to bring back the former comptroller who recently sued the port.
More investigations continue.