NPA Dismisses Media Report,Says There Is No Plan Mass Dismissals


The management of the National Port Authority has termed as pure propaganda, wide spread rumor of mass dismissal at the NPA.

The NPA management said the rumour according to media publication that it will dismiss about one hundred and seventy- five (175) employees of the NPA is untrue and a clear misinformation of the existing reality at the Port.
The entity said contrary to news and rumors of mass dismissal at the Port, the NPA Management remains committed to, and supportive of the CDC government’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development and would do everything to uphold such in the interest of the people.
The NPA management in a release said it will continue to ensure at all times, that its Payrolls are cleaned,void of ghost names.
In said regard and as part of new reform plans in line with best practices, the management has decided to review and regularize for permanent employment, where applicable, three critical categories:
They include: People whose contractual agreements have long expired but are still performing work,additionally, People whose contractual agreements have expired but are not reporting to work and those who are on the payroll but may not be existing and are receiving direct deposit pay.
The port said the exercise is a routine Management endeavor, intended to build a well managed and efficient workforce that will boost NPA’s competitive advantage in the shipping industry.
Moreover,the port management is preparing to review a list of approximately 170 expired contractual agreements which fall within each of the listed categories and When fully completed, the exercise could possibly provide an opportunity for employing real people instead of ghosts.
The Port management is urging employees and the general public to remain calm, as nothing arbitrary will be done to affect any legitimate employees or contractors,adding that the routine exercise which is normal and regular is in the best interest of the Country and its people.
The rumor which has thus far been clarified by the NPA management in a timely manner sparked earlier fear and wide spread debate especially with the current lay offs plan at the Firestone Rubber Plantation Company which is being discussed currently by national government.