Major Protest action Hangs Over NPA As Crisis Deepens


Looming tension hangs over the National Port Authority following the alleged breaking into the office of the comptroller on the orders of Managing Director, Bill Twehway.

In the absence of the comptroller, his office door was burst by security guards of the port, as the lock was later changed by the port security.

Witnessed and supervised by deputy director General for operations, Chris Wisner, the huge security officers used harmer and other strong weapons just to execute the order of Mr. Twehway.
On Monday morning, at 8:00 a.m, the embattled Comptroller, Franklin Sarkoh went to work on an advise from the board.
After spending few minutes in office he was called by his boss Bill Twehway to see him and he hurribly went but waited for about one hour due to the visitation of some other guests in the Managing Director’s office to include the Maryland legislative caucus,Senator Saah Joseph and many others who later left.
Sarkoh eventually made an attempt to see Mr.Twehway but was prevented by his boss security on grounds that he Franklin does not have any appointment after initially inviting him(Sarkoh)to see him(Twehway)
Mr.Sarkoh later went back to his office and was greeted with some Port security personnels who asked him to turn over his office and car keys on the orders of Managing Director Bill Twehway.
Franklin quickly placed a call to one of the board members to inform him about the unfoldings and was told to reach them.
He Franklin subsequently left the office but in the presence of reporter Julius Konton and in his absence the office door of Mr.Sarkoh was burst open as the lock was later changed,however non of Sarkoh’s belongings up till press time was taken or removed from the office.
Meanwhile, journalist Konton was prevented from taking photos or for even video taping the proceedings.

The NPA boss since taken his decision to dismiss Franklin Sarkoh as Comptroller on grounds of administrative reason has since remain resolved not to change his action despite mediation efforts from the board of directors of the public corporation.
The board is said to be slow on the matter due to its mediation drive as a means of amicably addressing the matter but the situation appears to be unresolved.
However the board has maintained its position that it is not in support of Mr.Twehway’s decision to have Franklin ousted from his position.
Meanwhile latest information has it that a plan protest to compare the NPA’s boss to reinstate Franklin Sarkoh is schedule to take place Tuesday.
When contacted via mobile if it was the making of the aggrieved comptroller It was confirmed that he Sarkoh is not aware of such and has no plans to stage a protest but to remain calm and listen to the advise and final decision from the board of directors of the NPA.
He however pointed out that it is the right of the people to stage a peaceful protest especially when one of their sons hailing from the municipal borough of New Kru Town is being affected by unlawful dismissal.

Speaking to reporter human rights activist Morris Swen said their plan protest is to ensure that Bill Twehway does the right thing because he added only pressure can make it happen.

He said the embattled Comptroller is blameless,professional,up to the task and a deliverer as such should not be removed from his post in such an orthodox manner and form.
Morris calls on President Weah to again swiftly intervene into the matter before it spills over.
According to him Mr.Twehway has now drawn the battle line as the situation is now between he Twehway and the borough of New Kru Town people who overwhelming voted for President Weah.
” We will gather in our mass on Tuesday morning to demand NPA’s boss to rethink his decision else there will be a total disruption of normal activies at the Port”, Morris unturned.
It can be recalled that President Weah recently warned Liberians mainly youth and students not to engage into violence but to see dialogue as the best way in addressing any issue.
Meanwhile the board is expected to meet this weekend as unspecified decision to address the matter will be taken after the conclusion of their meeting.