NPA’s Board Not Aware Of Comptroller Sarkoh’s Dismissal, Latest Investigation Uncovers.


Latest investigation surrounding the claimed abrupt dismissal of NPA’s comptroller J.Franklin Sarkoh ll, has uncovered that the Board of Directors of the National Port Authority is not aware neither in the know of such decision.
Though Mr. Sarkoh up till press time has not receive a warning neither suspension letter from senior management in his file but was served a letter of dismissal recently on the orders of New Managing Director Bill Twehway.
The decision according to the communications director of the NPA Malcolm Scott was due to what he calls administrative reason.
He denied claimed allegation of witch hunt against the young financier but according to sources Mr. Sarkoh was allegelly dismissed unilaterally especially on grounds that the new boss does not in anyway wants to work with him.
Our investigation also proves that the decision by Mr.Twehway was political,unilateral and unprofessional even though the Port is a public and professional entity of Government.
Due to the sensitive and crucial nature of work done at the Port the ministry of justice is the head of the Board along with other key government entities and individuals but neither of them was in the know of such key decision, our investigation added.
Currently the Board is said to be carry out internal discussion and or investigation regarding the situation at hand and is expected to come out with outcome soon.
However Mr.Scott told our investigation that the decision administratively was taken as part of best international practices assuring that Mr. Sarkoh will receive all of his just benefits from the NPA soon.
Credible sources also alleged that the new boss has so far employe some new individuals at the entity without following the proper procedures something this entity can’t independently confirmed up till press time as the new boss is out of the Country.
Though Mr.Sarkoh is yet to make any public statement on the matter but some workers at the NPA are said to be dissatisfied with the latest decision taken against him.
They told our investigation team that the action contradicts the popular youth and generational change as well as development initiatives of the young people something the pro poor government has repeatedly preached.
Sarkoh as a young and seasoned financier they added is qualified ,experienced and has all it takes to manage such financial component of the Port and wonders why he will be butted out in such a manner moreover he has show case his talent and performance over the period especially during the time of the acting management headed by Cecelia Cuffy Brown.

No reasons has been given according to our investigation of which the embattled or dismissed comptroller is yet to speak to the media about the issue but it appears like he is showing some level of maturity on the issue as well as following legal procedures including awaiting the outcome from the investigation of the Board.
However the decision speaks volume and is worrisome to young guys who are already in the employee of the government as this may serve as a warning to them even though in a different manner and form.
It can be recalled that President Weah challenged all government officials to perform because there are more people on the bench who are qualified and equally awaiting to serve though that statement may not be taken into context in this situation because Spokesman Scott is on record for praising Mr.Sarkoh of being excellent on his job, he has no bad track record of any form up till press time,he is qualified and many others but did maintain that he was relief off his post due to administrative reasons and said decision he pointed out should not be misinterpreted on the social or traditional media.
Until the Board of Directors of the National Port Authority can exercise its powers on the matter as well as Mr.Sarkor’s personal version on the issue,investigation concerning this matter continues.