NUSA Disrupts Senatorial Aspirant Wonbge’s Gathering in Nimba


By: Nathaniel Success Tokpah (Correspondent)

(Ganta, Nimba County)  Nimba County Senatorial aspirant Taa Wonbge, political gathering was on Saturday disrupted by the Nimba University Students Association (NUSA) in Ganta, Nimba County.

The situation occurred when the students’ President,  Lawrence Moses, and group forcibly entered the gathering with loud shouts, demanding recognition and respect from Mr. Wongbe and organizers of the event.


Chanting famous South African slogan ‘amata awetu,’ the student leader and supporters were asked not to enter the political hall because the presiding officer was not notified of their presence. Mr. Wongbe was by than responding to concerns raised by some citizens, while the students kept disturbing outside the hall.

The situation became heated, causing aspirant Wonbge to escape the political harassment from NUSU leaders and supporters.

The senatorial hopeful had been delivering his platform to the audience as well as disclosing his contributions to the livelihood of electorates at the popular Nimba Intellectual Forum (NIFO).

Lawrence Moses and students who disrupted the gathering of Mr. Wonbge refused to further justify their actions to reporters when asked.

Meanwhile, Joseph Kerkulah, Co-Chair of the Nimba Intellectual Forum has condemned the action of the students, adding that since the establishment of the intellectual center earlier this year, there has been no disruption of political gatherings.

Scores of high-profile individuals including Rep. Samuel G. Korgar of Nimba’s District #5, Joseph N. Sonwarbi, and Rep. Johnson Gwaikolo among, representatives of districts 3 and 9 respectively. Superintendent Korquoi and Mr. Tomah Seh Floyd have all engaged citizens at the Nimba Intellectual Forum (NIFO).