“OHCHR” Monrovia Office Ends One Day Regional Coordination Meeting, Emphasized The Need For CSOs&CBOs To Network To Help Achieve One Goal.

The Human Rights Officer of the United Nations Human Rights session in Liberia Melvin D. Nyanway has underscored the important need for Civil Society, Community Based Organizations including the Independent National Commission On Human Rights to network and collaborate with each other in a move to have a stronger and powerful voice in effectively protecting and promoting human rights issues nationally.
According to him working together as a team helps improve productivity and fast growth something he wants to see in Liberia’s human rights sector.
Speaking at a one day United Nations Human Rights regional coordination meeting in gbarnga City Bong County Mr. Nyanway said at the end of the “OHCHR” six years operations in Liberia they are hopeful that human rights organizations and institutions including relevant government agencies will work in a unified manner to foster the protection and promotion of human rights issues across the Country.
“Our work at the international level is to ensure among other things that CSOs and those concerned in the sector work together as a team,Let our advocacy in promoting and protecting human rights issues be well structure, network and fully organized”, Melvin stressed.
He warned them to do away with separate advocacies aimed at targeting specific groups.
Additionally Mr. Nyanway indicated that his office is working as well to ensure national institutions to include the Human rights commission of Liberia work in an independent and trust worthy manner.
” When the citizens trust that your institutions can protect their rights,they will work with you”,he noted.
In a move for better and practical approach the “OHCHR” human rights officer wants a commitment from CSOs and CBOs for a better strategy including clear role map on how to work on human rights issues in a specific region all in a bid to achieve the desire goal.
Also speaking at the program was the Executive Director of the Independent National Commission on Human rights Herron Gbidi who noted that the training sets the basis for perfect interaction and intervention in the area of human rights in Liberia.
He says proper coordination and collaboration helps maximize results in protecting and promoting human rights in the Country.
Mr. Gbidi encouraged his colleagues to construct proper strategy for the sector including contributing to finding the better path that can help chart a new course to ensure the best result.
At the same time the Secretary General of the Civil Society Human rights Advocacy platform Adama Dempster wants CSOs to have a link and stronger ties to work together,hoping that it be cemented and increased through collaboration.
Adams urged civil society actors to now have an increased appetite in doing human rights work because current situations are challenging.
“Let this meeting be used as a kick start of a more engaged process as more trainings are expected and necessary because human rights issues and strategies are evolving over time”,Mr.Dempster told the gathering.
He was quick to point out that the government is a key partner to them,however they should at all times be seen independent in their work.
The ” OHCHR ” with headquarters in Geneva Switzerland was established in 1993 but officially opens its Monrovia office in 2018.
The focus amongst other things is to speak out objectively in the face of human rights violations worldwide,Act as UN’s system principal focal point of human rights research, education, public information as well as human rights advocacy activities including setting standards and monitoring process and evaluating the human rights situation through time among others.