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Omega Marketers Threaten Protest; Vows To Trade At Red-light Vicinity

Several disenchanted marketers at the famous Omega Market have threatened to go back to the Red-Light area if the government fails to stop others from selling in the area. 

The micro business owners, and vendors, in conversation with KMTV, threatened to set up a roadblock on Friday, November 04, 2022, along the main Coca-Cola Factory to the red light route.  

They said the action is intended to draw the government’s attention to their complaint.

According to them, the government’s inability to stop people from trading at Red-light is not only undermining the relocation plan but causing severe damage to their businesses since buyers and consumers no longer reach them. 

“Since July 12, 2021, the majority of our friends have vacated the market and returned to Red Light,” the aggrieved marketers explained to KMTV. 

“The group that is in red light is not easy, some of our friends have built mini containers and tables in Red Light something that is undermining our business at omega, There is no buying here.

The Government is not doing anything about it. Under this condition, we cannot make a cent per day, So, if nothing is done, we will move back to red light and sell our markets”. 

To solve the problem,  Ma. Garmin Tokpa, another business owner, called on the government to be decisive in enforcing its mandate. 

“The only solution lies in the hands of the government. It should be sincere with itself and the people they serve.

When you say this must be done, you should ensure that it is done. Failure to do so will expose your weakness and compromise what you stand for”.

Meanwhile, the Superintendent at the Omega Market, Maclain Jallah attributed the situation to what he referred to as politicians undermining the hard earn efforts by the government. 

According to him, politicians are using some marketers to sell in the demolished red light area. 

Though he agreed with the angry market women but said despite the complaints being genuine, he urged them to go about seeking redress in an orderly manner.

Mr. Jallah said the constant refusal of a huge number of marketers to use the market buildings, instead, of the open Red Light and the main road, was also posing serious problems to both businesses and commuters.

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