On Accusation of Stealing, father Burns 9yrs Old Daughter fingers


Domestic violence seems to be the order of day in Liberia with many children been victimized.

One of such case is in Southeastern Liberia where a father identified as T. Somah Potepa burned his 9 years old daughter on accusation of stealing.

In an interview with the victim’s mother, Fally Togba over the weekend via mobile phone, said she went for burial of one of her family members in another community in Sinoe County.  She was not on the scene when the incident occurred but got a call from her aunty concerning the wicked act against her 9years old daughter by her ex-lover.

Madam Togba explained that she born two children by suspect T. Somah Potepa but later separated and she left the children with him.

The burned hand victim mother disclosed that her two children one is 9 years old which was severely burned by her father while, the other is one year nine months.

Madam Togba told our reporter that her nine years old daughter was accused by her father Potepa of stealing his 3,500 Liberian dollars, which the victim denied adding that she did not know about any money business.

After the victim has told her father that she is not in the know of any money business, her  father severally burned her with rubber thus leaving bruises on her entire body. He held the child’s hand and placed it in a coal pot for five minutes where the child four fingers got burned.

It can recalled recently that two children hands were burned for allegedly stealing fired fish in Lofa County, in Grand Gedeh County, a step mother wasted oil pliant on her 12 years step son, in Grand Cape Mount County, Imman severely burned an eleven years orphan for allegedly stealing over food and last year woman wasted boiled water on a child for stealing over food and several others instances.

However, the defendant earlier said 13,000 Liberian dollars got missing before but kept it to himself and the 3,500 in question was found in the skirt pocket of his daughter, which prompted his action. Whether it was her who placed it there or someone has not been established yet.

Defendant Potepa was arrested by police and charged with aggravated assault and forwarded to court but was later free on bond.

The incident occurred in Congo town community in Sinoe County.

Meanwhile, the victim mother Fally Togba is calling on Ministry of Gender, children and social protection and the Liberian Judiciary for justice.