One Bong County Campaign Intensifies

The group under the umbrella one Bong County Campaign team has issued a statement to the media rejecting in the strongest term proposed bill to have upper and lower Bong County by Senator Henry Yallah due to his argument of huge and controllable land space of the County.
“Say no to the division of Bong County”, the group said.
The group claimed that Senator Yallah’s advocacy is selfish, political and individualistic.
Addressing reporters at a news conference on Friday April 27th, 2018 the chair of the group David Kansuah noted that there are pivotal and priority issues that needs to be addressed than creating a new County.
“Our issues have never been about size or number but responsible leadership that is creative and innovative in finding solutions that would seek to provide the best alternative source of funding to positively impact the lives of our people” ,added Chairman David.
The group alleged that their Senator ultimate mission amongst other things is to create a new County and scramble over jobs that could be created.
They feel that the debate of their Lawmaker has the propensity to create division, disunity and chaos in the County, though other citizens of Bong have a different opinion on the issue.
“Creating additional County will place more financial burden on national government” ,the group indicated.
However Senator Yallah told the media recently that lower Bong has not felt any developmental impact as such creating a new County will see tangible impact directly been felt by the citizens in general.
The group called on national government at the level of the president as a reconciler to see the need to trash out and defeat the debate for a new Bong County.
Despite the on going debate it appears like the people in the County are divided over the proposal from Senator Yallah with some of the guys in favor while others are against.
The group Historicized that Lofa was divided into two thus giving birth to Gbarpolu yet no tangible development, River Cess came out of Grand Bassa yet no tangible impact, RiverGee came out of Maryland yet no tangible developmental impact among others, they argued,as such there is no need for the creation of new County.
“The claim by the group that if such campaign to have a new County will bring about war is lazy, says another son of Bong County”, noting that Lofa, Grand Bassa and Maryland Counties took similar decisions and there was no war, they indicated.
Until the bill can surface at the National legislature, the debate to either create a new County in Bong or retained the County as one Bong continues in the County and Liberia as a whole.