One Reported Dead, Several Wounded As Montserrado County By- Election Campaign Ends In Blood Bath


Unity Party Representative Candidate in District number 13 By- election in Montserrado County, Cornelia Kruah Togba has painfully and in tears announced the death of one of her supporters following what many termed as a bloody dual campaign day in the District.

Mrs. Togba who is said to be in hidden due to alleged threats on her life by cdicians. She accused Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee of being the masterminder of the act of brutality meted Against her innocent people.
” He, Koijee opened fire in the air twice to disburse my peaceful supporters”,the Unity Party candidate alleged, a claimed that has since been denied.
However she explained further that several CDC supporters and officials to include its chair Mulbah Morlu,Representative Solomon George and others dressed in their usual party regalia though she branded it as militia uniforms held cutlasses, guns and other harmful weapons and chased after her supporters there-by inflicted several wounds on them.
She alleged that some of her supporters were beaten,stab on the head,neck,stomach, chek and many others by some CDC partisans.
According to her the gathering of her people was peaceful adding that it was held at the New Gerogia Nigerian Shop Football field far away from the venue where the CDC was campaigning as such she wondered why such devilish act had to happen to her people.
One of the victims with wound on his chek and head respectively who claimed to be a cdician but was seen in the ti-shirt of madam Togba said boldly that it was the MCC’s City Mayor Jefferson Koijee who throw the cutlass and it landed straight on his head with blood seen all over his face and body as he is now being hospitalized.
” I know him very well,Jefferson Koijee,he did it”, the victim in pain maintained.
” We did nothing wrong but to exercise our democratic rights,moreover we were given permits both by the National Elections Commission and the Liberia National Police to organize our program”,as a matter of fact two police officers were present at our campaign but could not handle the many cdcians,she noted.
Frustrictinlgy she pointed out that President George Weah was in the Iron Factory Community holding the hands of the CDC candidate John Weah as a sign of support to him when his people on the order end were allegedly brutalizing other Liberians,what a sad day,Cornelius said.
Though President Weah has repeatedly warned against violence and brutality amongst his people and has always encouraged dialogue as a means of resolving issues,this report can’t establish whether the Liberian leader was in the know or has any idea about the situation so far.
But in a more angry mood she branded the current government as a weak one that is acting more like an opposition than a ruling leadership.
She said the CDC should not deprive other people of their rights to associate with other political establishment or people though they are a ruling party and government.
Due to several wounds on her supporters the Unity Party candidate fears that the death toll could increase.
She regret the passing of her young female supporter who was stab in the stomach according to her by Cdicians while exercising her democratic right.
According to her district 13 deserves better and no amount of threat will silence her.
Madam Togba promise to write a formal complaint to the National Elections Commission in a move to look into the matter adding that they are under obligation to protect all candidates in the election.
Campaign and elections process globally are characterized by violence as such it was due to said experience the NEC prior to declaring campaign open warned supporters and candidates participating in the bi election to remain peaceful and civil during their campaign process but it appears like that cautioned by NEC was down played as district 13 in Monsterrado County on Saturday was a scene of election campaign violence as pain and blood bath characterized the entire process.
However up till press time no official statement or response from the CDC regarding the barrage of allegations levied against it or some of its officials by the Unity Party candidate Cornelius Kruah Togba has been made public.
Though the campaign process which will end at 6pm today,Sunday November18th, started on a more relatively civil and peaceful note but the climax in Montserrado County has so far ended on a blood bath and sad note as one person up till press time is reported dead.
Meanwhile the bi election in the two Counties,namely: Montserrado and Sinoe will take place on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 as provisional results are expected two days after while final results will be announced on November 25th, 2018.