One United Nations House In Liberia Celebrates 73rd Anniversary of the UN


Liberian leader George Weah has hailed former United Nations Secretary General Dr. Kofi Anna for his hard work and his devotion to peacekeeping and conflict resolution across the globe.

He said such remarkable accomplishments will not go unnoticed as the world continue to recognized and remember him for his successful peacekeeping mission to the globe.

Dr. Weah told the gathering that Liberia being a direct beneficiary of the enormous contribution, intervention as well as assistance to obtaining peace and stability is now on the its way to the path of sustainable development.

Mr. Weah recognized the support of the UN to Liberia despite the exit of UNMIL to this Country.

He thanked the men and women of the UN who rendered sacrifices to ensure the current peace that the people of this Nation are now enjoying.

President Weah was quick to point out that it takes time to remove a Country from the brain of disintegration caused by war but pointed out that the Country is now on its way to sustainable peace and development.

“Our peace is still fragile, peace building takes time, it is a process and not an event, Weah noted.

He emphasized that the impact to the UN on peace and security, Human Rights, Sustainable development, torture, poverty and gender base violence have all given hope to the people on the globe for a better life.

The chief executive commended the UN for enhancing reforms to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved.

Weah pledge Liberia’s continued collaborative partnership to the UN aimed at transforming the world through sustainable peace and development.

It can be record on this day October 24th, 1945 The United Nations was established with the aim of among other things maintaining peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, solving international problems, harmonizing action of nations to achieve common goal and many others.

The 73rd UN Day celebrations was held under the national theme: “From Peacekeeping to Sustainable Development In Liberia”.