The Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) says, about 12,608 Ivorian citizens have trooped into the country to seek refuge as political tension worsens in that country.

LRRRC Executive Director, Rev. Festus Logan disclosed that the Ivorian citizens are between the ages of zero to 60 years and above who entered Liberia through several crossing points at River Gee, Maryland, Grand Gedeh, and Nimba Counties.

Rev. Festus Logan

According to the LRRRC Boss, 5,644 of the refugees are males while 6,964 are females summering up to 12,608 new refugees.

Giving more details Rev. Logan revealed that about 126 refugees used the River Gee border point to enter Liberia, while in Maryland county about  1,261 persons were recorded

He also said 3,782 Ivorians used Grand Gedeh border point with a very huge number entering Liberia via Nimba County amounting to 7,439 people.

Speaking at the regular media press briefing at the Ministry of Information, Culture Arts and Tourism, he said their statistics have shown that, 55% of the refugees are women, children between the ages Zero to 17 years are 60% and most of the children are said to be malnourished.


Mr. Logan said the Liberian government is already hosting 8,199 Ivorian refugees since 2010, of these, 5,000 have opted to integrate into the Liberian society.

He added that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the LRRRC, UNHCR, UNICEF, IMO, and other UN agencies have conducted assessments of the refugees’ situation in the four counties, and it has shown that, the refugees are in need of food and non-food supplies.

The LRRRC Boss also reassured safety support for the refugees.

At the MICAT Press conference Rev. Logan call on all Liberians, philanthropy, and humanitarians to join the Liberian government in providing food and non-food items and shelters for the Ivorian refugees.