Over 33,000 twelve graders to sit the debut edition of WASSCE as HNO Dale Gbotoe encourages the candidates to do their best as no need for panic.

The West African Examination Council Liberia Office (WAEC) has announced full preparation for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Exams (WASSCE) Tuesday April 3,2018.
The exams first of its kind to be administered nationwide will see thirty three thousand nine hundred and seventy two students (33,972) in a brain storming exercise over the period of eleven days.
According to the Head of National Office of WAEC Dale Gbotoe they are fully prepared to administered the test as all testing materials have been distributed across the two hundred and sixteen (216)centers.
He told reporters that they have put in place all precautionary measures to avoid exams leakage as was observed in 2016 at the Konola Mission in Margibi County.
Mr.Gbotoe praised all stakeholders and collaborating partners for working together to ensure that the test is administered perfectly void of any interference or disturbance.
The schedule of the exam is flexible unlike WAEC which was normally taken for five days consecutively, Mr. Gbotoe added.
The WAEC boss said the test will be administered into three parts to include:Essay, Practical and objectives.
Due to the lack of science facilities/Laboratories , equipment and many others in most schools, he noted that the candidates will write the practical of the science subjects into a different format unlike their counterparts.
Under practical Dale said that the three science subjects namely:Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be done in what he referred to as Alternative to practical.
For example a student in Ghana who is doing direct practical, he or she will be ask to draw a clock, label its parts and tell the current time but for Liberian candidates who are doing alternative to practical they will be given a clock and ask only to tell the time, something he noted is not difficult to do.
He encouraged the candidates to take away fear and go to the exams hall with confidence in themselves.
“The test is not hard and Liberian students are very smart as such I am confident that they will do their best, not all but most of them”,the Liberian stalitician uttered.
Mr Gbotoe also warned the twelve graders not to rely on foreign materials because he bragged that the test under no circumstances will leak especially with the straight security measures put in place.
He was quick to commend the Liberian Government through President George Weah for alleviating the financial burden of the students and parents there-by paying their fees though he clarified that not all the fees in the tune of two point one million (2.1m)has been fully paid but indicated that the decision is welcoming so far.
Additionally Mr. Gbotoe informed parents and students across the country to bear patience noting that they will refund their money once the full payment from the government is completed.
“We charged only sixty united states dollars per student and that is what we will refund because we got information that some schools charged more than that amount, he added.
Speaking to reporters ahead of the official exam day Mr. Gbotoe further indicated that some schools have refund the students money only because they did not deposit it to them at the time.
The clarification he said is necessary because they are lots of misunderstanding and misinterpretation about the real issue in the media as well as the general public.
The Ministry of Education is also a partner to the WAEC and has so far helped the process, Gbotoe told this medium.
He praised Education Minister Ansu Sonii for putting in place some new measures to assist the process.
“Some prominent persons in Liberia during the eleven days time he indicated will tour most of the centers to observe the entire exercise, this he noted is laudable.
Mr. Gbotoe also encouraged candidates who recently sit the January 2018 private candidate exams, order wise known as (resiter ) to now search WAEC website for their results which he noted are currently online.
Despite fears from some students and parents regarding the debut edition of WASSCE, Mr. Gbotoe added that all is set for the exam to be administered across the Country On Tuesday urging the candidates not to panic rather to trust their individual abilities.
The 33,972 candidates nationwide will begin the exam with alternative to practical in Chemistry, the only subject for the day which will begin by 8:30-10:30am.