Over Beaches & Waterways Project: Minister D. Zeogar Wilson Sets Record Straight


Investigation conducted on the beaches and waterways project at the Ministry of Youth and Sports has unearthed that region one -comprising District Sixteen, Montserrado County has been one of the most problematic region since the project was initiated in 2011.

According to the investigation headed by Samuel Jallah, disclosed that the payroll after its conclusion was over loaded allegedly by some of the coordinators of the project, mainly George Young.

According to him, and due to the discovery of the investigation report, it was established that as of March to April payment a total of 5070 people were paid.

Providing more details to the people about the project in shock wave to them, Minister Wilson intimated that the government is there for the masses but at the same time few handful of people will not in the name of the masses corrupt the system and get rich at the detriment of the ordinary people and government in general.

River view, Villa Two and many other beaches are among the troubled areas. The report identified as fraudulent places the suspended coordinator used to allegedly carryout his fraudulent practices over the period.

β€œPayroll paddling, creation of ghost names as well as extra communities without my approval are all discrepancies”, the report uncovered.

The Youth and Sports Boss told the media during a visit to the Municipal Borough of New Kru Town on Monday, that as a result of what he branded as sinister motive allegedly by region one coordinator, George Young, Β the government is now indebted to the workers in the tune of 5.5 million, something he noted is not realistic.

β€œYes we owe the workers 21 months but due to the fraudulent manner and form, we cannot identify who we really owe and this is the challenge,” He added.

Explaining further, Minister Wilson stated and clarified that Mr. Young and his colleagues in admittance to one of them in the public on Today Monday June 15, 2020 did not seek permission from him before taking what he termed as unilateral decision to increase names on the payroll.

β€œWe paid just in March and April respectively and at that time he disclosed that the payroll again was increased to 1645 people,” Mr. Wilson pointed out.

Additionally, the investigation report Minister Wilson also indicated that from January to February of 2020, the payroll was also increased to 1337 persons.

According to him, the process has been fraudulently run since birth and they did not put in place a perfect structure as it should be but going forward, they are now working on modalities to restructure it.

β€œWe trusted people to do the job but they did not do what was expected of them and we take the blame. However, it is about time we do the right thing and remove the bad apples from the system,” Zeogar uttered.

In a move to address the issue, the Government has plans in the making for the effective restructuring and continuation of the program as of July 1, 2020, Minister Wilson added.

Moreover, he noted that there will be a reduction in the number of persons who will participate in the new process in order to properly control the project and to as well financially manage the entire project.

β€œThe program will not fail, we will do the best thing possible to make sure the people benefit from the project,” said Representative Dixon Seboe.

According to him, despite perception from some corridors, the project will continue and in a more organized and structured manner.

He encourages his people to always use dialogue in addressing their issues and not through protest.

According to Minister Wilson, though he informed the workers about a planned meeting today in the Borough of New Kru Town, some of their members led by George Young chose to personally take the to the streets of Monrovia in protest of unpaid arrears in their own interest and not in the general interest of the masses.

George Young branded the allegations against him as false and misleading.