Over Dr. Julius Sawolo Nelson’s Appointment At UL-President Weah Commended By Fendell Residents But…


Following the recent appointment of Rev. Dr. Julius Sawolo Nelson as New President of the State Run University of Liberia, thousands of victims of the UL Fendell Demolition and Forceful eviction exercise commended President George Weah for such an appointment.

According to them Dr. Nelson is a reconciler, a peace maker, student sensitive who has always believe in addressing the plights of students at the State Run University of Liberia.

The happy residents of Fendell said Dr. Nelson’s policy as well as his strategy of inclusiveness is overwhelming as such he is the right person for the job.

However, and in the spirit of enabling total Truth and Reconciliation and Peace at the UL, the Students and Staffs of the institution, the Fendell residents therefore called on the Liberian leader to consider the dismissal of Associate Prof. Weade Kolbah Wureh Boiley, Vice President for Administration of the institution.

 The Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives and the FENDELL Land Owners Working Committee (FELOWAC), the groups leading the fight against the wanton demolition of thousands homes, businesses and aboriginal homeland villages of indigenous people at the FENDELL campus of the University of Liberia (UL), in a statement pointed out that  Dr. Julius Sawolo Nelson’s nomination  by President GEORGE WEAH is a good intention to find durable solution to conflicts at the UL and a pathway to mutual co-existence and peace among the University Administration, the students and the hosting neighbors of the FENDELL Community.

The LMDI and FELOWAC hope that that the new UL president will consider constructive engagement with the victims of the June 2016 wanton demolition of thousands of homes, businesses and FENDELL aboriginal homeland villages, now declared by the WEAH administration to worth 16 million U.S. dollars, something the UL administrations under former president ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF especially from Dr. Emmet Dennis to the recently dismissed Dr. Ohelia Weeks never forged.

The FENDELL demolition victims say they are appalled by the failure of the two UL administrations to even clean up the bushes and trash on the hundreds of acres of land on which their millions of dollars’ worth of property were destroyed and to provide accommodation for students of the FENDELL campus after the wanton demolition of their thousands of homes which also provided shelter for the students.

The FENDEL victims also called on the new UL president to prioritize the cleaning up the FENDELL campus which has been littered with water plastic sachets, trash, cow dung and human feces, offering themselves to be a part of any planned clean-up campaign of the campus, mainly land on which the victims’ property were destroyed.
“In the spirit of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, we believe that by turning the other cheek, reconciliation, peace and brotherly love can and should be the way forward at the rather troubled FENDELL campus of the nation’s premier state university”, added the LMDI’s statement.