Over Four Thousand Firestone Workers To Go To The Polls Tuesday


After months of legal battle including strike and go slow action workers of the Firestone Rubber Plantation Company will Tuesday September 4, 2018 go to the polls to elect their new core of officials that will stair the affairs of that body for a period of three years.
The Tuesday polls will be held under the caption: Union Work Place and Representation election.
According to the President of the Agriculture Agro Processing and Industrial Workers Union of Liberia Abraham Nimene the election is in fulfillment of the decent work bill which amongst other things call for union representation, elective bargaining agent and many more.
Mr. Nimene said despite the past historical differences between and amongst the workforce and senior management it is key that they (Workers) follow the democratic process in a move to put an end to their old age problems.
He said the decent work law now serves as a recipe for workers of firestone to regain their lost dignity.
Over the period strike and go slow actions were of common place at the plantation due to dissatisfactions from the workers ranging from bad labor practices, wrongful dismissals, low wages and many more but with the new law which Mr. Nimene highly hailed, a new day in the sector he added has come.
The Agriculture Union boss told reporters that the law also provides amongst other things for a stronger bargaining agreement to be reached between the workforce and the management in a move to have a balance of support and collaboration of all participating parties.
Due to some of the challenges observed over the period Abraham stressed that under his watch as President he will work hard to structure the union as well as train elected officials for the common good of their establishment.
Despite some of the implementable outcomes of the decent work law Mr. Nimene added that more needs to be done by national government and other key partners to ensure the working conditions including enumeration of workers are encouraging for the benefit of all.
Poor work condition, low salaries, bad labor practices, child abuse, wrongful dismissals are amongst current challenging issues workers across the Country are currently experiencing something he wants the pro poor government to see the need to tackle soon.
He used the occasion to call on all workers of the plantation to turn out in their mass and exercise their democratic rights on Tuesday peacefully in their own interest.
Meanwhile the Ministry of Labor and other key partners and stakeholders are expected to be in attendance to witness and serve as supervisors during the process.