Over Petroleum Saga; Citizens Threatened Mass Protest,Is Government Insensitive To The People’s Real Issue?


National Government has repeatedly informed the Liberian people about the sufficiency of petroleum products on the local Market through the relevant Government Line Ministries and Agencies but it appears like the situation is the not the current reality.

At the moment almost every filling station in and around Monrovia about nearly a consecutive week now have seen people including vehicles, motorbikes and tricycles all in queues to purchase a Gasoline or fuel oil for locomotion.

According to them they have the money available to buy the product whether the price is high, low or as per Government regulation but to see the product is almost impossible, like in the Liberian man saying: “A-Gold-Dust”.

“We have to sleep in queues and at some point spend five to eight hours just to get the product, this is really embarrassing”, some angry citizens told this network.

Currently the situation is so far strangulating the people’s movement as all sectors of the Country are being directly affected by the petroleum saga.

According to others, the issue appears to be a crisis as petroleum product is a political commodity and urgent action unlike previous empty talks is needed to address the current crisis.

Students and workers in general who are coerced to move to their various areas of work, businesses and many others are now walking just to ensure they reach to their destinations.

On the Other Hand, others, who may not be strong, financially capable and courageous enough are also coerced to go and stay home respectively after standing hours in various streets junctions  only to board a moving object from one end to the other.

It is nearly a month since the issue started as dissatisfaction among the people as well as mixed feelings are now the order of the Day.

In some corners of the Country, some disappointed Liberians have threatened to shortly stage a mass protest which they feel could be the final way out in addressing the issue because they are feeling the pinched and can no longer live in such situation.

In the wake of the hullabaloo, some critics believe that Government is allegedly doing little or nothing in addressing such critical issue but is rather focusing on the little issues that do not matter than the real issues that do.

The Petroleum crisis is now increasing and a talking point across the Country in all corridors.

Some imagine and wonder what will happen with the situation in the case of health especially the movement of ambulance, as well as security in the effective dispense of justice.

While others say the alarming situation is even more worrisome to and for those in rural Liberia who in most cases are disadvantage from all sectors.

“According to a political pundit, while the situation is ongoing, there is a plan big dedication of the Modern 14th Military Hospital on Tuesday, February 11, 2020-Armed Forces Day something they noted health-wise is important but not as equal as the current what he termed as security threat Petroleum-saga.

An eminent citizen who bagged to be named challenged the Government to do more and act now to rescue the situation as a double crisis including petroleum and Economic may not be a good sign for the CDC’s led Government.