Over Recent Destruction of Market Structures: State Security & Market Women Clash


Liberia’s capital Monrovia, the recent protest City in Africa over a short period of time under the leadership of President George Weah again during the ongoing Health crisis witnessed another protest by market women on Wednesday morning most of whom from the Water Side and surrounding market areas stormed the MCC Today April 1, 2020, Fools Day.

Knowingly in violation of the health protocols on public gathering, the unbinding market women, dressed in dominant black, holding placards with multiple inscriptions, matched to the Monrovia City Corporation offices in Sinkor and surrounding places in protest of the recent action against their market tables by City Police Officers and the joint security Team among others, recently.

The aggrieved sizable number of women in a move to draw more public concern over their situation, sang and dance in front of officers, provoking them as beating, arresting of some of them were of no exception.

Mixed views Wednesday categorized the Police, Market Women clash at the City Hall with some in support of their action why others condemned it in the strongest term describing the women’s action as lawless and are therefore calling for all those women who staged the protest to be quarantined in violation of the preventive health measures laid down by authorities.

On the order hand, some Liberians are calling on National Government to see the need to address the protester’s claim admits the crisis.

The action by the aggrieved market women send shock waves to the public especially during this global health crisis which Liberia as a Country is also struggling to battle.

The Economic relief of the people in the wake of the Corona Virus crisis appears to be a challenge yet to be fully address by national government.

It can be recalled that the Liberian Senate calls on President Weah’s attention over the economic relief of his people especially who are no really feeling the pinch as a result of the global health pandemic.

Liberia is a under developed and poor Country in Africa and the world  has over 50% of its population living on less than a dollar a day with bulk of their survivability relying on petty trading mainly in market places in and around the Country.

According to one of the protesters, it is only through selling she and her family are surviving and if she can not sell to provide ants meat for her children, hunger will kill them.

While some  protesters buttressing their colleague say, they recognized the protocols but without selling in the street, they and their families are empty.

The situation appears to be complex as a win, win aimed at addressing all of the crucial issues in the interest of the people are para