Patients Abandonment, The Dilemma Of Health Workers Go-Slow


Liberia’s challenges ranging from economic nightmare to increasing hardship, untold sufferings, poverty and many others is said to be getting complex by the day.

From Economy, Education to Poverty but this time around is the nation’s health system which was recently crippled and overly exposed to the deadly EBOLA virus crisis.

The system is now battling an old age crisis of welfare mainly among health care workers nationwide.

It was over the weekend announced by the umbrella health care workers body of a major go slow action by health workers nationwide due to some dissatisfaction among them something that is now a reality today.


Well It is exactly two days since health workers nationwide embarked on a go slow action in demand of among other things salary increment as well as delay in getting their monthly earnings.

The current health situation has so far has triggered multiple protest actions across Liberia mainly by concerned Liberians who believe that the health workers decision is greatly affecting them directly.

On Monday September 23, 2019 some residents of Du Port Road in district number four Montserrado County  staged a protest action thereby blocking  traffic and held placards calling on national government to urgently address the plights of the health workers.

 According to them as a result of the health practitioner’s decision patients are now strangulated at various health facilities only at the mercy of God, a situation they considered as troubling.


Though the protesters were greeted with an appeal from their lawmaker, they angrily called for a quick response to their issue.

According to Representative Rustolyn Dennis the issue is of nation concern and should claim the attention of all.

She wants relevant government line ministries agencies to take the situation seriously and take appropriate action.

Not only in Monrovia but it has extended to central Liberia where an official of the health workers union Bong County chapter   resigned in the midst of the current health challenges.


According to reports the health facility there similar to Monrovia remain closed.

Meanwhile Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah has appealed to the health workers to return to work and assured them that they will received their salary soon.

Currently the draft national budget is still being discussed as finishing touches are said to be in making and may entered into October, three months of its legal execution.

According to reports the Country due to the budget discussion is at a stand still as one twelfth of the current budget as per legal requirement has already been exhausted.

“There are more practical solutions needed then theory “,said a health worker who begged to be named.

He pointed that they render countless sacrifices just to save lives and   fulfill their professional oath and social  obligation but the manner and form in which they are being treated is unfortunate.

Go slow and strike action including  protest in the health sector is not unusual in Liberia but with the current economic hardship facing the nation and its people it is equally alarming and worrisome that urgent action needs to be taken to help arrest the situation in order to bring a great relieve to the sector.