‘Personal Vindictive’ EPA Dismissed Boss Nathaniel Blama Says


Dismissed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) boss Nathaniel Blama said, he has not committed any crime of fraud that prompted his hasty dismissal by President George Weah a week ago.

The office of President Weah in a release said, Mr. Blama on March 7, 2020, unilaterally signed a US$20 million contract without the signatures of the Ministers of Justice and Finance contrary to the law and established governmental principles and procedures.

But Mr. Blama has justified in a recent interview with a local media that he did nothing wrong because the proposed agreement was a non-binding contract, as any party could withdraw at any time from the contract.

“I think it is personal vindictive, I did not commit any crime, if someone thing I did commit a crime let them prosecute me,” Blama said in a polite and convincing tone.

He said the agreement is cleared and allows the government of Liberia to use every proceed in the contract for only environmental work, either for coastal defense, agriculture, or energy projects amongst others.

Contrary to Minister of State Nathaniel McGee’s comments that they were not in the know of the contract, Mr. Blama said it is a lie as he briefed the Minister on the transparent deal prior to him falling ill.

“Finally when I got reinstated on Thursday night, Sunday morning, when I went to McGill to brief him on this contract he said ‘oh, but this thing just came to me, how could you?’ I said Mcgill read it (Contract) there is no commitment, I did not commit any action on government, he read through it and said oh no commitment.”

Mr. Blama said the deal was to reach maturity in December which should have been approved by the government and they decide what kind of environmental project to implement in Liberia.
He wonders how is it a commitment when the agreement is a non-binding agreement, saying “ I hold no malice, I’m not fighting anything, I got a life ahead of me.”

Mr. Blama wonders why now is the government accusing him of unilateral signing an agreement when in fact he endorsed the New Kru town $29 million dollars agreement.

He said all bilateral platforms have specific instruction to the usage of funds, so he wondered where is the mistrust and fraud as claimed by the Liberian President and government.

He finally thanked the President, George Weah for affording him the opportunity to serve Liberia and enforce the environmental laws in Liberia.