Petrol Trade Cup: Kadiatu Kamara The Heroin As Earth Angels Pin Senior Pros To Retained Crown


Sierra Leone international Kadiatu Kamara was the heroin as Earth Angels overpowered Senior Female Professional 1-0 to win the prestigious LFA Petrol Trade Cup for a second successive time on Saturday evening at the ATS.

The contest was practically an unpredictable one from the start of the 90 minutes as both teams were more clinical in both their defensive lines and attacks.

There were beautiful moments of classical exchanges between the two sides with the defending champions keen on retaining the crown whilst Senior Pro were concentrated on winning their first ever FA Cup.

However, Senior Pros failed to dethrone the women’s football powerhouse, Earth Angels.

After a goalless draw in the traditional 90 minutes of play, the referee Sylvina Garnett authorized an extra 30 minutes as the option to decide who wins the crown.

It was a very tight final as both teams kept eyes over their shoulders with great determination.
After a scoreless draw from the first 15 minutes of the extra time, and with only 6 minutes left in the last 15 minutes.

Taking into consideration how tensed up and crucial the match became at that point, a lot of fans anticipated that a five-five penalties shoot would have been the decider of the winner of the crown.

It was within that moment, just in the twinkling of an eye that the Sierra Leonean Kadiatu Kamara broke the deadlock with the only goal of the match, thanks to an Angeline Kieh’s superb pass.

Kamara’s breathtaking lone goal came just four-and-a-half minutes before the predicted post match penalty kicks.

Earth Angels received L$1 million dollars for winning the FA Petrol Trade Cup crown, and their rivals and runner-ups Senior Pros pocketed L$500,000.

Petro Trade Incorporated chief coordinating officer Abraham Kaydea, Liberia Football Association President Mustapha Raji, executive committee members Beatrice Korpo Kpoto, Jodie Reid-Seton, Cllr. Joseph M. Kollie (His Honor), Henry Boyd Flomo, Pawala Janyan and Ivan Brown, Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson and Deputy Sports Minister Andy Quamie were present to present the winners and runners-up’s medals to the team.