Phebe Hospital to Begin Collecting Charges from Patients


By J. Titus Yekeryan (Bong Correspondent)

Phebe Hospital Acting Administrator Reverend Victor Padmore on Thursday disclosed that the Hospital’s Management will shortly begin charging patients for treatment and services rendered at the hospital.

The disclosure comes as the alleged fight for supremacy between the government and churches which has reportedly diminished supports going to the hospital continues to intensify.

Phebe Hospital is owned by the Lutheran, Methodist and Episcopal churches, but receives subsidy from the government and implements the government policies.

According to Rev. Padmore, maternal patients are usually catered to on a free of charge basis, but will now begin to pay for the services and medication in the coming weeks.

Rev. Padmore said the move is part of efforts by the hospital’s management to assist the government to run the hospital, considering that the government is overwhelmed with huge challenges.

Even though he did no state it clearly, Rev. Padmore said there are rumors circulating that the government will shortly withdraw additional two medical doctors from Phebe Hospital.

However, several local citizens of Bong County have called for an ardent need for an understanding between the government and hospital’s board, as the lives of the ordinary people, who cannot afford going to private health facilities will be endangered, if the fight for supremacy continues at Phebe Hospital.

It may be recalled, the government of Liberia in November of 2020 recalled some doctors from the Phebe Hospital, stating that the decision was based on ensuring adequate coverage of all hospitals across the Country.

Residents’s Reaction to Phebe’s Disclosure

Several residents in the county want the government to continue to provide support for the hospital so as to continue its free medication to the ordinary citizens in the County and parts adjacent.

“Let the government understand that it is not about the hospital’s administration but about the lives of people who cannot afford to go to private hospitals. No matter what happens, I don’t think it will be necessary for the government to close its eyes on the support of the,” a resident said when he phone in on Radio Gbarnga Morning show.